Have You Taught Your Toddler to Call 911?

kid on phone

Photo by LelandsMommy

My daughter called 911 the other day. She didn't have an emergency to report, she was just drawn to the huge red button protruding from the phone of the hotel at which we were staying. Hospital security checked with us to make sure things were okay and to let us know the cops were on their way. The police officer who showed up said it happened all the time.


It got me thinking. Should I be teaching my tot how to call 911 at home in case of a real emergency?

Candace Robbins taught her son Jaden how to call 911 and last week, he saved his grandmother's life. When grandma started to have a seizure, the three-year-old dialed 911, stayed on the phone with the dispatcher, and then unlocked the door when the police came. Jaden's mom took him to Chuck E. Cheese as a reward.

Have you taught your child how to dial 911 in case of an emergency?



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