Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Dresses Like a Boy: So What?

According to OK! magazine Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, 3, and Suri Cruise, 3, are BFFs. Not so sure if I believe it because they're rarely in the same state at the same time, plus they're total opposites—style-wise anyway. While Suri looks like a little princess in her high heels and frilly frocks, Shiloh is more the little hipster with her bowler hats and ties.

But it seems that neither child (nor their parents) can win. The world went into a tizzy over Suri's shoes, and Shiloh's parents, Brad and Angelina, are being deemed "unfit" parents by the press for turning their daughter into a tomboy (gasp!).

So who dresses these kids anyway?


They dress themselves.

Suri Cruise is her own stylist and picks out her own designer duds, according to her parents: "Just so you know, she dresses herself," Tom Cruise told Eonline. "She really does. She picks out everything on her own."

 "She really does," Mom Katie Holmes adds. "She has such cute style."

According to Us magazine, Shiloh picks out her own clothes too. And experts say there's nothing wrong with that. Choosing her own clothes—even if they're "boyish"—is a "very healthy activity for a three-year-old girl." It teaches her to make choices and think independently.

I'm so relieved to hear that because my daughter just turned two and she already knows exactly what she wants—and doesn't want—to wear. Fortunately for me, and my wallet, she doesn't really know what a "designer" is yet.

Does your toddler pick out their own clothes yet? What's his or her style?

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