John Edwards Admits He Fathered Child with Mistress: Moms, Let's Hear It!

john edwards baby

Michael Williams/Getty

John Edwards with a baby ... not his

John Edwards, the former presidential candidate, has finally admitted that he fathered a child with his former aide Reille Hunter. In August 2008, Edwards admitted that he had an affair with Hunter, but he denied being the father of the baby girl, Quinn Hunter, born on February 27, 2008. What kind of dad denies his own kid?


John Edwards' attorney says Edwards has been providing financial support for the 23-month-old and just signed a child support agreement.

In a written statement to NBC, Edwards stated:

"I am Quinn's father. I will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves ... It was wrong of me to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me."

Moms: What would you say to Quinn about her dad? Would you try to protect her from the fact that he denied being her dad or would you tell her the painful truth and let him be the one to make it up to her? At what age would you talk with her?

What if you were Elizabeth Edwards, the mother of John Edwards three other children: Cate, 27; Emma, 11; and Jack, 9? What would you say to them about their father's conduct? What would you tell them about their half-sister?

What do you think is each mother's role and responsibililty to her children in this scenario?

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