Haiti Adoptions; Tracking down Birthparents; How to Adopt: Links I Love


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The earthquake in Haiti has me thinking a lot about all those poor kids in orphanages—and all those who just become orphans. I guess that's why I've been reading a lot about adoption this week. Some stories are inspiring, some informative, and others, downright depressing. Here are some links I Iove (or at least recommend).



U.S. Parents in Limbo After Haiti Earthquake Delays Adoptions. — Parent Dish

Actress Jean Smart announces adoption of daughter from China. Celeb Baby

Study shows adopted children are happy and healthy. — Lil Sugar

A teenager tracks down her birth parents in the new T.V. show Life Unexpected. — Parent Dish

Adoption Boot Camp: What foster parenting taught us about becoming parents. — Babble

A step-by-step guide to adoption. — New Parent

A woman's horrifying decision to return an adopted child. — Woman's Day


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