Cute Placemats Add to Mealtime Fun

kid's placemat

Photo from fawn & forest

Here's my mealtime philosophy: For the most part I let my daughter do what she wants. I don't force food on her or make comments about what she is or isn't eating.


She still sometimes uses her fingers, and while I gently encourage her to use a fork or spoon on occasion, I don't make it mandatory. I've been blessed with a good eater, but I know things could rapidly go south. There are so many issues surrounding eating and weight (especially for girls) that I am striving to make healthy eating something she enjoys not dreads. So for now, it's all about not stressing over the small stuff and trying to keep mealtime fun. 

These Hello Hanna Jungle placemats help me do just that. The set comes with 8 placemats (two of each design—monkey, hippo, panda, and elephant) and 8 sticker sheets; plus there are fun, educational activities on the backs. $14.95 at fawn & forest.

How do you make mealtime fun?

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