10 Signs Your Toddler is a Brat

  • He Turns Plates into Frisbees


    Photo from Scents of Delight

    He thinks clearing his plate means throwing it across the room.

  • Thank You Isn't Part of Her Vocabulary


    Photo by cinnamonspice

    You've never heard "thank you," but you do hear the phrase "get that for me" at least a hundred times a day.

  • The Playground is His "Stomping" Ground


    This kid plays nice!

    Photo by gypsysmiles

    Your tiny titan knocks down every other toddler at the playground.

  • She Monkeys Around on Furniture


    Photo by schavis2000

    She mistakes the furniture for her school jungle gym.

  • Other Kids Run For Their Lives


    The neighborhood kids run for the hills when they see your brood coming.

  • You Feel Like a Servant


    Some kids like to help mommy clean

    Photo by JayGirlsMom

    Your toddler thinks you're his personal maid.

  • He Treats the Tub Like the Ocean


    Photo by home-sweet-home

    Bath time looks like a scene from the movie Waterworld.

  • She Thinks Sharing is the Name of a One-Way Street


    Mine T-shirt, $20 at Snugfits

    Your little one lives by the motto: If it's mine, it's mine. If it's yours, I'll take it.

  • Your Kid is a Whine Connoisseur


    Whine Connoisseur pacifier, .99 at Amazon

    You feel the need to fetch some brie to go with that whine.

  • You Can't Take Him to Eat in Public


    Photo by rockerchic

    The only dining out you can do is in the backyard.

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