Baby Teeth: A Charming Idea

gold baby tooth

Photo from Le Knockout

If you've been wondering what the tooth fairy does with all those baby teeth she collects, here's your answer: She's making a pretty penny turning them into gold-cast charms and earrings.


Kim Kovel, a mom in Portland, Oregon, cast her son's tooth in gold and wore it around her neck, and people asked where they could get one. That's when her business, Le Knockout, was born.

If you send her a tooth, she'll cast it into a gold charm for you—she'll even engrave an initial or add your child's birthstone. Kovel also turns teeth into earrings (studs and danglies) and does some custom work. You'll get your original tooth back with your purchase.

Kovel uses recycled gold and fair-trade gemstones. She also founded a charity called Charm School, where she donates a charm for raffle requiring that the proceeds go to arts programs in schools. Nice business practices, but gold baby teeth charms don't come cheap: prices start at $400.

What do you do with your kid's baby teeth? Would you ever wear them in your ears or around your neck?

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