Having the Sex Talk — With Your Toddler

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"Mom, how'd you get a baby in your tummy?"

I got lucky when my oldest, then a toddler, asked the first time where babies come from. I said something about "when you love each other, blah, blah..." and that was that. No more questions. Phew!

CafeMom FrogSalad wasn't quite as lucky on her first go-round with her 3.5-year old and the sex talk.


CafeMom FrogSalad's account of her first sex talk with her toddler is hysterical. You can read it in the PLAYSKOOL Toddler & Preschool Group. Let's just say she offered up honest answers but wasn't completely prepared when her tot pushed further.

Have you had the sex talk of sorts with your toddler yet? Has he or she asked yet, "Mommy, where do babies come from?" How did you and your toddler handle it?

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