Time for a Toddler Bed?

sleeping kid

Photo by Celeste825

My two-year-old still sleeps in a crib, but I'm thinking it's almost time for a bed: She loves blankets and pillows and she's unlikely to fall out. Though it's likely she will get out of her own volition making going-to-bed time even more difficult than it already is. Sigh.


There's a conversation going on in Advice for Moms about the best age to move a kid from a crib to a bed and here's what people had to say:

I switched my son when he was potty training at two. — alientaxi

My daughter was 16 months and my son was two. I put them in twin beds not toddler beds. — hailnbray

I switched both of mine at 18 months—they were climbers. — BrandonsMom1000

I think cribs are dangerous and unnecessary. I made the bedroom as safe as possible, put the mattress on the floor, and then a gate at the door. — ChristineMom23

If your child is still doing fine in the crib then there's no need to rush her into a bed. — kali86

When did you switch your toddler from a crib to a bed? Did you use a toddler bed or a twin bed?

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