Breastfeeding Baby: How do You Explain it to Your Toddler?


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You've got a toddler and a new baby on the way. How do you explain breastfeeding to your toddler? That's what cowgrikat15 wanted to know and here's the advice she got in Answers.


"I told my son that mommy's boobies had milk in them, and it was a special milk for the baby because babies' tummies were different from big boys and girls. He was totally cool with it. I still make a point of covering up—that's just me though! I don't feel comfortable doing it without a cover." — livn4hevn

"I don't think your daughter will have a hard time adjusting. She may want to be near you though so be ready to read books, cuddle and watch her favorite cartoons while you're nursing." — MamaTasha1003

"I got out a baby doll, and asked my four-year-old if she knew what breasts were for. I told her that mommies and cows and other mammals, make milk for their babies, and this is how they eat it. We talked about how she would have to be quiet when baby brother was nursing, and that we could have our special time too. Often in those first weeks, she would sit down beside me and 'nurse' her baby dolls. I even made her a sling so she could carry them like her baby brother." — ObbyDobbie

"Just explain that you will be feeding the baby and she will have to be patient sometimes. Our friend's son was four when our son was born and he asked me what I was doing. I told him I was feeding the baby and he said okay and ran away." — peanutsmommy1

How did you explain to your toddler that you would be breastfeeding the new baby? How did he react?

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