Pay More Attention to What My Toddler Says: My Resolution

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This year, I'm looking forward to more fun adventures with my oh-so-busy two-year-old. Needless to say, she keeps me occupied and it's hard to get much else done, but there is one New Year's Resolution I'd like to keep.


When I was pregnant, I bought a beautiful, soft leather bound journal that I planned to write in during and after my pregnancy. I hoped to record my thoughts and feelings and give updates on my daughter so that she'd be able to read it someday. Sadly, I've made very few entries. That's how I know that my resolution, while it sounds simple, will take a lot of discipline on my part.

My daughter is talking up a storm and I'd love to write down the funny things that she says. I try to take note of them in my mind, but sometimes I've forgotten everything by the end of the day. I bought myself a pretty little pocket notepad so I can jot down things as soon as she says them. My sister-in-law has been doing this for years (her daughter is now 6) and she sends out a list of "Iva-isms" for us all to read every so often. It's so sweet, and I hope to do the same—as well as post some of them here.

A recent gem:

The other day I asked my daughter who the First Lady is and she replied, "Lady Gaga!" She's so right!

Happy 2010! Wishing you all lots of happiness this year.

Do you record or write down the things your toddler says?

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