Playing in the Rain

playing in the rainJust checked the weather forecast. Yup, four days of rain coming up. For a toddler mom, four days of rain seems more like 20. Time to get out the clay, restock the crayons, and cue up CARS. The alternative is going to one of those pricey play gyms ...

Or ... I could save a few bucks and let them go out and get muddy, messy and wet.


As long as it's not windy, lightening, or thundering, what's the harm, really? I guess it's been a pretty wet spring because several group threads are talking about whether or not to let kids play in the rain or go out just after a storm.

"We live in the Great Northwest," explains Diapermakinmama, mom of two toddlers. " If I kept my kids indoors because it was wet or had just rained, we would never go outside. My rule is if it is a wind storm, then we stay inside. No need to get killed by falling debris. But mud and grass can be cleaned up.  My boys' childhood can not."


It can be a magical experience for young ones, for sure. One mom in the Stay at Home Moms group described her son's discovery of his very first worm.

"I say forget pool parties, rain parties are so much more fun!" says mybabygirl3406. "Put on swimsuits and run in the rain. My daughter loves to put on her rubber boots and jump in all the puddles we get down our driveway. I think I enjoy playing in it more than she does. When I was little and it was raining, my mom would lock all us girls out and tell us to go play."

Do you let your kids play outside in the rain? Why or why not? Did your mom let you when you were little?

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