Toddler Habits That Drive You Crazy

bad toddler habits

Photo by kaitie64

No bad habits from this little angel!

From the cool and clever ladies in the Funky Mamas of Toddlers group, a collection of perfectly normal but excruciatingly annoying toddler habits. Surely you have one of your own to add in comments!

-- Turning the TV off right in the middle of the good part.

-- Complaining about being hungry, but turning down everything I offer.

-- Yelling "Mom-MAY" in a rude way.

-- Playing in the toilet.

-- Dragging every toy out of the toy box and placing at least five in every room of the house.


-- Nagging me for the same thing over and over even though the answer NO was clearly given and will not be changed. Then resorting to screaming and stomping, thereby cementing the answer NO for all time to come.

-- Flopping on the floor because I didn't get food fast enough/asked him what he just said/told him for the umpteenth time not to throw *insert object.*

-- The boy, constantly harrassing, tormenting, teasing, and pestering his sister. The girl, crying and whining and freaking out over every stupid little thing her brother does. (Get some backbone, you little weenie girl! :)

-- Picking up the cat's litter box and dragging it through the living room and kitchen while spreading litter all over the carpet and floor.

-- Fighting for lap space very time I sit down, especially when I am trying to nurse the baby.

-- Turning the TV on and off.

-- Climbing on me when I'm trying to type.

-- Pouring juice, water, or milk from his cup to his "play" cups (although I know he is really learning a lot by doing this, the process makes me crazy).

-- Coloring *not on the paper* (although sometimes his artistic endeavors are kinda cool).

-- Pulling the slipcovers off the sofa and loveseat.

-- Sticking his hand down his dirty diaper.

-- Small person who magically walks directly IN FRONT of you, no matter where you're trying to go, at a speed that is impossible to match, so you stumble over your own legs or accidentally kick the child.

-- Dragging all the pillows and cushions off the couch and piling them on the floor. Taking a few of those pillows and piling them on top of the cat's water bowl.

-- Playing with the lid on the trash can in the kitchen, telling DD "No, thank you" (redirecting with new fun toy, DD goes back to trash can, physically pick DD up and take her to different room, only to chase her when she runs back to the trash can).

-- Dumping cups full of water from the bathtub onto the bathroom floor.

++Keep it going ... add your toddler's most annoying habit here!

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