16 of the Most Hilarious Ways Toddlers Mispronounce Words

16 of the Most Hilarious Ways Toddlers Mispronounce Words
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Parenting isn't easy, and some phases feel more challenging than others. Those first six weeks when we have a newborn and are healing are hard. Trying to figure out teenagers and learning to let go is hard. And there are so many stages in between that at times we wish it came with a how-to manual.

But it's not all hard challenges -- there are so many happy and adorable memories that can be made in between. Toddlers are notorious for pushing buttons and driving us up the wall a bit, but they're also hilarious. They're at the age where they're just starting to begin to understand the world, and in trying to make sense of it, they are unintentionally funny at times.

When it comes to learning language, the toddler stage is where it starts to take off. They're learning to communicate, and with it comes some adorable mispronunciations. The best is when they try to say something the correct way, and either can't make the sound or misheard what the word is. We've rounded up 16 of the most hilarious ways toddlers have mispronounced things because we could all use a good giggle right about now.

  • Chunky Jesus


    Chuck E. Cheese is one of those restaurants so many kids remember going to as a child. As we take our kids there for the first time, we realize just how much our parents loved us for taking us there. This is worth it, though -- to hear it pronounced "chunky Jesus."

  • Behave


    How many times do we have to ask or remind our kids to behave? Unfortunately (or fortunately), it feels like many toddlers hear the word incorrectly.  Kids seem to think that the "have" part of "behave" us pronounced with a hard-a, so they "are being haave."

  • Kitty Cat


    There are a whole lot of different phrases that we call cats, but this 3-year-old really seems to be onto something. Cats don't care what we think, and they dance to the beat of their own drum. Calling them Killy Killys is maybe not the worst nickname we've heard.

  • Cup of Milk


    Some sounds are just overall more challenging for kids between 18 months and 3 years to pronounce. The K sound seems to be one of them, but this is the funniest word for milk that we've heard yet. The hard part of these funny mispronunciations is not to lose our mind laughing each time.

  • Fire Truck


    Another example of trying to pronounce a hard sound -- this one is the most entertaining and seems to be a super common toddler trait. Instead of the Tr sound, we get the F sound, and for parents who have a vehicle-obsessed 2-year-old, it can get fascinating, quickly.

  • Cucumbers


    There are words that our kids say that hold a special place in our hearts. It reminds us of when they were young and the first time they said the word correctly. We're not surprised this parent wants cucumbers to have the alternative pronunciation forever.

  • Strawberries


    Getting our kids to try to eat a new fruit isn't an easy task, but when we find one they will actually eat, it's cause for celebration. Strawberries are one of those fruits kids are likely to try and if our kids pronounced them this way, we'd change it forever as well.

  • Cookbook


    Now, there are some words that when kids try to say them, they butcher them so bad the words comes out as something inappropriate. We don't want to embarrass the kiddos, but we don't want to be turning red if they say it in public. Really though, some are just super hard to not die laughing at.

  • Armpits


    Not the most exciting thing about a human body, and armpits aren't generally a huge source of conversations. It wouldn't be unlikely that a toddler has only heard the word a few times and we can definitely get on board with them being called "arm pips" instead.

  • Stomach


    Stomach is a hard word to pronounce, which is probably why we often call it a "tummy" instead. But there is something here with "belly goat," which is adorable. With a little belly goat button? We're not sure there's ever been a cuter name.

  • Apricots


    Kids often balk at trying dried apricots because they look kind of weird. We love that mama was not only able to get her child to eat them, but they got two new words out of it too. Both apapoks and hockey pucks work here.

  • Another Cat Name


    We're not sure who the first person to call cats "kitties" was, but it was a good thing they were able to hit that "k" sound. Unlike this toddler who is still struggling with that "back sound" and uses a word that's often said for something else…

  • Saxophone


    We know, this person's toddler isn't wrong. The saxophone is known as being a sensual instrument thanks to its jazzy, throaty sound. It's a hard word to say, but the way this toddler pronounces it might be something to look at.

  • Crayons


    Crayons are a staple of childhood, and many of us adults can even recall the smell of them. It's also a strange word and doesn't look easy to say based on how it's spelled. Many adults say it in an unusual accent, and toddlers do, too. Crawns sounds good to us.

  • Eleven


    The number 11 is a strange one because it doesn't make sense in the way all the other numbers are said. It should be "one-teen" or something like that. The way this toddler thinks of it as being a "goleven" is something that we think is super adorable.

  • Mayonnaise 


    There are a lot of words in the English language that are hard for adults to pronounce. Some are extra confusing because they're not the easiest to read either. Mayonnaise is one of them, which is why so many of us say "mayo," but the way this toddler says the word to make it sound more like "band-aids" is hilarious.


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