15 Streaming Toddler Shows That Are Actually Educational

15 Streaming Toddler Shows That Are Actually Educational
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It's unrealistic to believe parents shouldn't let their kids watch television from time to time. We know that screen time has gotten a bad rap over the years, but it's not all bad. There are many TV shows available on several streaming platforms that come with amazing lessons, are catchy and adorable -- and it's not bad that parents get a small break while kids are engaged, too.

And with the times being what they are right now, we're all stuck at home more than ever -- so don't feel guilty, parents! We've rounded up 15 streaming educational toddler shows that we don't mind allowing our kids to watch because they're adorable and they might learn something, too.

  • 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' (Amazon Prime)


    There's a reason Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is so popular -- the lessons kids learn in the show work, and since they're in song form, they're simple for parents and kids to memorize and use in everyday life, too.

  • 'Doc McStuffins' (Disney+)


    There is so much magic that happens in this show that features Dottie "Doc" McStuffins, a 6-year-old girl who takes care of her stuffed animals. She likes to pretend to be a doctor to her stuffies, but with her magical stethoscope, her toys and stuffed animals come to life.

  • 'Wild Kratts' (PBS)


    This fun animated show takes two of our favorites -- Chris and Martin Kratt -- and sends them on adventures in the animal world. Kids learn all about the creatures of Earth and gain an understanding of how what we do impacts not only the creatures of the world, but us as well.

  • 'The Magic School Bus Rides Again' (Netflix)


    We loved The Magic School Bus and grew up watching the show that follows the teacher and her students into incredible knowledge-based adventures through the human body, animal kingdom, and space, just to name a few. This is a redo of the show, with the same teacher and premise but modernized for today's kids. 

  • 'Ask the StoryBots' (Netflix)


    This show follows a group of four creatures who live under the screen. Following along with Beep-Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bop, together they go on adventures into the human world and help answer questions that kids have about how things work in the world. It's digestible and adorable and kids learn a lot.

  • 'Tumble Leaf' (Amazon Prime)


    Tumble Leaf is a newer show that is perfectly in line with what parents want their kids to learn about. The show follows a blue fox named Fig and his friends. Together, they go on interesting adventures and learn how things work through trial and error.

  • 'Odd Squad' (PBS)


    The show is geared to slightly older than toddler age, but there's really nothing wrong with them learning if the show interests them. It follows young government agents who use their math skills to solve problems in their town.

  • 'Octonauts' (Netflix)


    The Octonauts is a show like no other that follows a team of (adorable) undersea explorers. They go on adventures to learn about the sea creatures and how and why it's important to protect the ocean and all the creatures that live there.

  • 'Ready, Steady, Wiggle' (Hulu, Netflix)


    The Wiggles is one of those programs we can't get enough of and that's why it's been on TV and streaming platforms for so long. Its catchy songs are ones that we can sing back to our kids to encourage things like eating vegetables and getting them to brush their teeth.

  • 'Nina's World' (Hulu)


    Nina is a curious 6-year-old Latina who loves adventures and takes the viewer along with her and her friends. This show tackles things like first sleepovers, learning how to ride a bike, and how to garden -- and young kids love to follow along with her.

  • 'Sesame Street' (PBS Kids, HBO Max)


    There really isn't anything out there quite like Sesame Street. We grew up watching the program so it's no wonder we're OK allowing our kids to watch, too. The show doesn't shy away from tackling the challenging subjects -- like race and LGBTQ+ rights -- in digestible ways kids understand. And, as everyone knows by now, many of the Elmo songs live on for decades.

  • 'Bubble Guppies' (Amazon Prime)


    The premise of the show may sound strange as toddlers learn from half-kid half-fish guppies who attend an underwater school, but there are so many important lessons delivered in a super fun way. The songs, which teach kids all about science and math, are really catchy -- in a good way.

  • 'Zoboomafoo' (PBS)


    Zoboomafoo is an older children's show from 1999 that is still super enjoyable to watch today. The Kratt brothers teach kids all about animals around the world. The show teaches kids to love and respect animals in the playful way only the Kratt brothers can do.

  • 'Word Party' (Netflix)


    "Meet Bailey, Franny, Kip and Lulu," the Netflix description reads. Adding, "They're adorable baby animals, and they want you to join the party and help them learn!" And that's what kids do when they watch this show with lovable animal characters and engaging songs.

  • 'Tayo the Little Bus' (Hulu, YouTube)


    This is one of the sweetest shows that little kids are going to become obsessed with quickly. The story follows buses that are alive -- similar to Thomas the Tank Engine -- and along the way they learn and teach the viewer lessons like sharing, doing our part, and helping those in need.


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