How To Stay Cool Under Pressure When Toddlers Are Teething

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Having a teething toddler is no joke. They can go from playful little angels to grumpy monsters in one second flat when their teeth are coming in -- and we get it! Teething can be an uncomfortable, painful experience (for both kids and parents). Mom of three Jennifer knows exactly how it feels -- her youngest daughter, Lee Lee, is an energetic, happy toddler who loves to dance. Well, most of the time! When Lee Lee has teething pain, she struggles to maintain her bright, bold personality.

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Luckily, when Lee Lee starts to have meltdowns because of her teeth, Jennifer knows just what to do: She turns to Orajel Non-Medicated Cooling Gels for Teething! With a quick dab of this benzocaine-free product, Jennifer has Lee Lee back on her (dancing) feet.

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Over the past few months, Jennifer has loved spending more time at home with Lee Lee, since it’s given her a chance to truly experience Lee Lee’s blossoming personality. And with the help of Orajel, Jennifer has been able to avoid those rough teething days! Not only does Orajel Non-Medicated Cooling Gels for Teething immediately resolve Lee Lee’s discomfort, but it also keeps Jennifer sane, because she knows the company's products are safe for her little one.

Watch the video to see how Jennifer uses Orajel Non-Medicated Cooling Gels for Teething to keep Lee Lee dancing all day long!

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