Crafty Ways To Get Kids Interested In Brushing Their Teeth

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The past few months have been different than usual. For many parents, that means having a lot more time at home with their kids. And even though spending time with your little ones can be an absolute blast, it can also be stressful to constantly come up with educational activities to keep them occupied. Luckily, mom of four Kristina knows exactly how to handle this situation, and she’s here to share her tips and tricks with the rest of us.

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As a former elementary school teacher, Kristina is a pro at coming up with fun activities for kids of all ages. One of the things Kristina has decided to focus on recently? Her kids’ oral care! By creating educational games and activities that encourage her younger kids to learn about their teeth, she’s doing the impossible and actually getting them excited about oral hygiene!

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And with products like Orajel PAW Patrol Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste, Kristina’s kids feel like their favorite characters are coming to life every time they brush their teeth! Plus, Kristina can count on Orajel to keep her kids’ teeth strong and keep their gums healthy.

Check out the video to see exactly how Kristina gets her little ones interested in brushing!

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