10 Easter Basket Treats Even the Tooth Fairy Would Approve Of

Little Tikes

We admit that not only do we have happy memories of opening our Easter baskets from when we were kids -- we kind of love giving them as adults. It’s true! It can be a real treat to come up with little gifts and presents to place in the basket every year. And sometimes we even like to come up with little themes, like treats for summer, sports, or even books (especially when we want our kids to up their reading count). 

The only thing that we’re not crazy about are all the sweets that, let’s face it, end up as cavities at the dentist’s office. Don’t get us wrong, we love a chocolate bunny just as much as the next person, but candy not only ruins our kids’ teeth, we’ve all seen the effects of kids who ate one too many chocolate eggs and got a little crazy. So, we decided to put together a handy list of things parents can put in Easter basket that aren’t chocolate (gasp!) to prove that a sweet-free basket is the perfect way to celebrate.

  • 1. Puzzles

    Get your little one’s brain moving with a fun puzzle. Of course, puzzles with bunnies fit the festive spirit, but you can also find puzzles with their favorite TV show or movie characters (hello Elsa!) that we know they’ll love.

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  • 2. Stuffed Animals

    These Jellycat stuffed animals aren’t just the perfect pal for bedtime stories and tea parties -- they’re super soft, too! These sweet little guys are guaranteed to hop into your little one’s heart.

    (Nordstrom, $22.50)

  • 3. Bunny Pajamas

    Some families have Christmas pajamas -- or pajama sets that everyone wears to open presents on Christmas morning. Well why not start the same tradition with Easter? Every year you can buy your child some bunny jammies (and psst, we’re sure they’ll look adorable in Instagram photos, too).

  • 4. 'Little Baby Bum Singing Storybook' by Little Tikes

    Perfect for ages 6 months and up, the Little Baby Bum Singing Storybook lets your little one sing along to his favorite nursery rhymes as he flips through soft flexible book pages. Read together for extra Mommy and Baby bonding time!

    (Little Tikes, $19.99)

  • 5. Flip-Flops

    Easter is wonderful for so many reasons, but one of the best is the realization that summer is around the corner! Before you know it, it will be time for suntan lotion and sunglasses. So why not get a head start and pack your Easter basket with flip-flops or other summertime goods?

  • 6. Fun Pacifier

    For really little ones, candy is most likely not on the menu anyway, but that doesn’t mean that babies shouldn’t get their own basket of adorable treats. A cute bunny-themed pacifier or bottles make the perfect present -- and we admit that this might also be a great gift for parents, too!

  • 7. Sidewalk Chalk

    Get your kids outdoors with some fun treats like chalk! Not only will this allow them to unleash their inner artist -- you can help them build fun hopscotch boards or mazes that will get them moving and grooving in the sunshine.

  • 8. Bubbles

    Babies + bubbles = a good time. Trust us. Stock up on some bottles of bubbles -- especially ones that come with fun shaped wands -- or go big with a giant bubble wand for older kids who are bound to want to give it a try. 

    (Amazon, $14.95)

  • 9. Craft Kits

    Older kids will probably appreciate gifts that are a little more engaging -- so craft kits like DIY slime, friendship bracelet kits, or heck, even Legos can be a fun way to spend your Easter Sunday. 

  • 10. Bunny Ears

    Again, think about the ‘Gram! Not only will a hoppin’ pair of bunny ears be so cute in your Easter photos, we honestly think that kids will love them, too! It’s always fun to play pretend and a pair of bunny ears can unleash their inner Peter Rabbit.

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