Parent Shares Simple Hack For Keeping Toddlers Busy With Just Water & a Paintbrush


paint brushes

As a working mom, I really try to make sure the time I spend with my son is quality. We play together, read together, and  spend the few hours we have a night together as much as possible. Before he wakes up and after he is in bed, I try to fit all of life in -- the cooking, cleaning, and otherwise necessary tasks of keeping my house somewhat together. The truth is, though, there are nights I run out of steam after tuck-in, and on the weekends, I have to make up for it.

  • Of course, my little shadow doesn't quite understand why mommy isn't fully focusing on him, and I'm left to devise ways to keep him entertained. 

    Movies, iPads, and the like don't really buy me a ton of time. He's got the attention span of a house fly, and tasks take about four times as long to complete with him around. So I started scouring the internet for things parents do to keep their super little ones entertained, and honestly, I was coming up short. Everything I found involved something a Pinterest influencer could only master, until I stumbled across a little gem on Reddit.

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  • User  "/5_by_Five" posted in a parenting Reddit thread a little piece of advice that I will be implementing immediately: 

    It sagely reads:

    "I found that giving little ones paint brushes and a little bowl of water and letting them 'paint' the shower door, or windows keeps them busy for a good chunk of time! Don't forget to put towels down!"

  • I'm sorry, who is this this earth angel randomly blessing us with these nuggets of wisdom?

    Because I want to buy you coffee. Or a bottle of wine. Or heck, both. You, my dearest and new best friend, totally deserve it.

  • Other genius parents were inspired to drop a few more twists on this trick to make sure the fun lasts even longer. 

    Other parents encouraged people to try this trick outside in warmer weather. 

    "Works outside in the summer, too," wrote notinmybackyardcanad. "The sun evaporates it and the kids think it is so cool!"

    Others suggested letting them take a bucket of it and a full-size brush and letting them paint the house, garage, or the fence.

  • Some parents even said they used this trick to keep kids busy and  get cleaning done. 

    "Pro tip: when they are done, wipe the shower door with a used dryer sheet," wrote Deadbob1978. "That busts up soap scum like no ones business." 

    And for parents who want to look like they put maximum effort into it, one parent and user bayousweetie suggested adding cornstarch and food coloring.

    " I get a muffin tin and add water, cornstarch and food coloring to make a cheap and easy 'chalk paint.' Then let them paint the drive way. I usually use just a spoonful of cornstarch, as much food coloring as you want and then fill with water (not too full that you can’t move the muffin tin). And stir. The kids have a blast -- when it dries it really looks like chalk. It’s definitely messier, but it all washes off."

  • Parents who share their brilliance with the world:

    Y'all the real MVPs. We appreciate you so much!