He’s Talking! A Toddler Milestone Update

Look out! I’m coming! My car is so fast!”

“My gwo-shee store has a con-bey-or belt!”

These are actual sentences my toddler said just yesterday, along with so many more. He talks ALL THE TIME now. 


Toddler driving Cozy Coupe
Jill Krause

He didn’t always. In fact, he didn’t start talking more than one or two words at a time until about six months ago. This time last year, I was a little worried his speech was delayed and that he wasn’t hitting his toddler language milestones.

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Toddler driving Cozy Coupe
Jill Krause

Wallace is different than my other three kiddos in a few ways. One is that he’s really physically advanced. We call him Danger Baby for a reason.

While other toddlers were hitting language milestones, Wallace was scaling walls, jumping off furniture, riding bikes, and running away from us and toward the wildlife in national parks.

Many people, including his pediatrician, reassured me that his brain was likely focusing on stuff like balance and coordination, and not prioritizing speech at that time, but that a switch would eventually flip.

Living room with Cozy Coupe
Jill Krause

I told myself if he was still keeping quiet at 2 1/2, I would look into speech therapy for him. I didn’t have to because around the end of June that switch indeed flipped, and his language suddenly exploded. It’s been speeding up ever since.

Playtime with him has always been fun -- and exhausting -- but now it’s not just physical. He narrates everything, tells us funny stories, asks inquisitive questions, and gives specific directions. 

Toddler boy scanning pretend groceries
Jill Krause

There isn't a word he won't repeat back, and he adds to his vocabulary every day.

It’s incredible to watch, especially since it wasn’t long ago that I was concerned this would be a struggle. 

Now my kid is talking about scanning his “gwo-shees” and the “con-bey-or belt,” all thanks to the Little Tikes Shop ‘n Learn Smart Checkout. We’re still working on annunciation, but I’m in no rush to say goodbye to toddler affectations. 

This toy!! He plays with it for hours! It’s pretty fantastic all on its own. (Not to mention STURDY, which is obviously a must in this house.)

Toddler playing with LIttle Tikes Shop n' Learn Smart Checkout
Jill Krause

But, you can also add your own iPad and download the free Interactive Smart Checkout app, and it transforms into a truly interactive toy that keeps Wallace coming back to play over and over. 

I love that the app interface is simple to navigate, and that the games vary in difficulty. The Speed Scanner game is really fun for Lowell (6) and Leyna (8). It gives you 10 items to find and scan as fast as you can! 

Wallace is pretty happy to stay in the Free Play game, which lets him scan whatever food item he wants, announcing that food on the screen, and making the conveyor belt move after he places it on there. 

Toddler boy concentrating while playing with LIttle Tikes Smart Checkout
Jill Krause

He’s picked up at least 10 new words since we got this! A lot of names of food, like cabbage, and ribs, and croissant. That last one sounds as cute coming from his mouth as you’re imagining!

Happy toddler with Little Tikes grocery bag
Jill Krause

Whether it’s new toys like the Shop ‘n Learn series, or classics like the Cozy Coupe, we have long loved Little Tikes toys in our family. And we’re not alone!

Little Tikes is a trusted brand that parents have loved for over 50 years.

Did you know their toys are made in the USA? I just learned that!

Conveyor belt on Little Tikes Shop 'n Learn Smart Checkout
Jill Krause

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Jill Krause is a mom of four, an author, photographer, and visual storyteller with a background in marketing, fundraising, public relations, and a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Missouri. 

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