Mom Says Her Twins Won't Stop 'Pooping' in the Tub & She's Running Out of Ideas


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Bath time can be stressful for many reasons, but one mom is having more than her fair share of tub troubles now that her twins have started treating the bath like their personal toilet. (Yes, really.) The frustrated mama, who recently wrote in to Slate's "Care and Feeding" advice column, explained that no matter what she does, her twins won't stop pooping in the tub -- and she's not sure how to get them hold it until bath time is over.

  • The problem is, no matter how hard the mom tries to discourage it, her kids think pooping in the tub is ... well, kind of hilarious.

    "It’s terrible!" she wrote. "It’s usually my son who does it, but last night it was my daughter."

    She's begged them to tell her in advance when they need to poop, but so far, it hasn't helped.

    "I’ve said we only poop in the diaper or on the potty," she explained, adding that she's even tried to avoid bathing them if they haven't pooped before bath time, but it's been "to no avail." 

    "It’s at the point where they now associate pooping and bath time and even call the tub the 'poopy tub,'” the exasperated mama shared. "Help!"

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  • Commenters had strong opinions about this one, and suggested that the mom first try and institute separate bath times.

    "Stop letting the twins bathe together," one person said. "They won’t have each other to egg on."

    "Make them take showers separately," another person added. "Make a punishment that will deter them. There are many, many things we don't want 2-year-olds to do. This is just one of many."

    One person also believed the mom needs to get tough with her kids and make them clean up their own messes -- that'll teach them.

    "Pull the plug, point to the towels, and tell them they need to clean it up," the commenter wrote. "Likely they'll start crying and be confused. Explain to them that if they make messes like that, they can clean it up. If they start to reach for it, stop them and tell them that's not the way to do it."

  • But Slate columnist Nicole Cliffe had another tactic for the mom to try instead: showers.

    "You can also do a reward chart with stickers for not pooping in the bathtub, but I personally would just assist them in the shower until they are potty-trained and also capable of understanding that you cannot poop in the tub," Cliffe wrote.

    Honestly, that might seem a bit too simple, but usually the simplest solution is the best -- and it might just nip all her poop troubles in the bud after all.

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