Ride Along With This Mom & Her Toddler On Their First Trip To the Dentist (And Guess Who’s More Nervous!)

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As parents, we tend to worry about, well, everything. But our kids? It turns out they couldn’t care less! Mom of two, Erica Lasan, came to this realization when it was time to take her daughter Arria to the dentist for her very first big girl appointment. Erica had been stressing over the big event for weeks, worrying that Arria might be nervous or not want to go. But, as it turns out, Arria was far more relaxed about the whole thing than her mother. In fact, Arria was all smiles. She was excited for the trip!


“She seems very nonchalant about this whole experience,” Erica said. “Meanwhile, I’m over here freaking out a little bit. Not gonna lie. But she seems cool, so mama’s gotta play it cool.”

Arria was a cool customer indeed, toddling with confidence into her appointment — where she learned that she had 20 teeth! The visit turned out to be a learning experience for everyone. Arria’s dentist presented her with an Orajel™ training toothbrush (luckily, she and mom have been practicing at home, so she knows what to do!) and Orajel™Training Toothpaste. And Erica learned that sometimes it’s best not to sweat the small stuff — our kids sure aren’t! 

Check out this episode of Truth Bomb Moms to ride along with Erica and Arria on their first trip to the dentist.

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