Calling All Parents: This Major Swing Set Sale Is a Seriously Good Deal

KidKraft Ainsley Wooden Swing Set

You know what you can't do when you take the kids to the neighborhood playground? Sit on your own deck, work in your garden, or anything else you planned to do at home.

That's why having a playground -- like this KidKraft Ainsley Wooden Swingset, now with a massive $100 price drop -- in your backyard makes life better. You will be more productive. The kids will get more screenless play time. And the neighborhood kids will come over to play at your house.

This cedar play set is much better than having just a couple of swings. The shaded clubhouse at the top is great for creative play and club "meetings." It has a chalkboard and a slide for fun exits! 

Underneath, also in the shade, kids get the opportunity to play in their own sandbox. Unstructured, creative play is so good for the brain!

The easy climbing wall offers kinetic, high-energy kids a way to stretch their limbs.

The best part, though, is what this does for your life. When neighborhood friends come over to play outside, all you have to do is supervise. No fighting over screen time. No sitting on a park bench, making small talk. You can tend your garden, paint your deck, or just relax in your own home and drink some wine until the sun sets.

Hurry! Get set up for summer. At this price, these will likely sell out.

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