Mom Leaves the Room for 8 Minutes & Returns to See Her Kids' Shaved Heads

kids shave their heads
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We all fear the day that we come home only to find out that our kids have decided to "play hairdresser" while we weren't looking. Unfortunately for her (but luckily for us) one mom's worst nightmare became total Internet gold. Stephanie Plucknette was stunned when she walked into a room in her home and saw that all three of her children had new haircuts. Apparently, one of her kids picked up the clippers meant for their dog and got to work. The mom is sharing the hilarious story in a video that's gone viral online.

  • The mom said she had only left the room for eight minutes when she came back to find that her children had whole new looks.

    The mom told Buzzfeed that she had walked into the room to catch her 5-year-old son, Teddy, red-handed.

    "When I walked into the kitchen, Teddy was standing there with clippers in his hands. He was a little proud at first," she said.

    It would be one thing if Teddy had only clipped his own locks, but he also decided to give his 3-year-old sister, Eloise, and his 2-year-old brother, Fred, new 'dos as well.

    The mom had left the room for only a short time to get ready to work a night shift and take a quick shower while her kids played outside. But unfortunately for her, her kids are resourceful and spotted the dog-grooming clippers she had accidentally left outside with them.

    "Earlier in the day I had just given the dog a shave out in the backyard, and I wasn’t done clipping her, but I left the clippers outside and I got side-tracked and went grocery shopping and cleaned the house and did other things," she said. But as soon as she saw what Teddy had done, her "first reaction was 'No no no...'"

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  • Most parents would have freaked, but Plucknette kept her cool and picked up the camera to document her kids' funny mistake.

    In a video posted to her Instagram account, the mom showed the crime scene as she found it. But it was only when her brother posted the video in a tweet that the story went viral. The tweet has been liked more than 458,000 times and has been retweeted more than 200,000. 

    Many people have commented about the way that Plucknette was totally cool about the impromptu cuts. She didn't yell or get angry, but assured her little bubs that it was "just hair" and that "it would grow back."

    She even comforted her daughter Eloise -- who was left with two pigtails in front and not much else -- who worried that she "looked like a boy" and asked her mom "Mommy, can you put more hair on my head?"

    "No, you don't look like a boy," Plucknette told her in the video. "You're a beautiful girl. You're beautiful. It doesn't matter. That's cute. We'll make it work, okay. We'll make it work."

    The mom did admit to Buzzfeed that she needed a quick pep talk from her husband before she was able to be so understanding. He comforted her as she cried and told her that they would work together to fix the problem. It was her husband who shaved their kids' heads later.

  • The mom even posted an update to her video, showing Teddy and Fred as they proudly show off their shaved heads.

    Now that her story's traveled across the Internet, Plucknette said she's received messages from other mothers who told her they wouldn't have been so understanding if they had discovered their kids had given each other haircuts. But Plucknette said it's important to pause before you panic. "If you wouldn't let someone else talk to your children in that way, you need to stop yourself, and think if you should," she said.

    And the mom added that at the end of the day, she wants everyone to remember that hair "doesn't define you."

    Just take Teddy and Fred, who are completely unbothered by their new bald 'dos. "They don't mind the look. They just think it's cool," their mom joked. 

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