20 St. Patricks Day Outfits for a Lil' Leprechaun

20 St. Patricks Day Outfits for a Lil' Leprechaun

St, Patrick's Day outfits for kids
Laura Beth Creations/Etsy

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day. No matter where on the map our family comes from, for one day in March, it's fun to deck ourselves in green and get into the fun of the holiday. 

For adults, that might mean wearing a green shirt and having some corned beef with soda bread. For kids, it likely means passing up the corned beef in favor of mac and cheese, setting the all-important leprechaun trap (this year's gonna be the year we catch one, I feel it), and of course, wearing a festive St. Patrick's Day outfit. 

But what is a St. Patrick's Day outfit, exactly? Sure, pulling one of the baby's green Christmas outfits from the pile that still hasn't made its way to the attic and calling it a day is totally an option. But for those who want a true St. Patrick's Day look, we've got you covered. 

Big kids still love to go all out for holidays, which is why it's so fun to get on board with that enthusiasm and get them a special St. Patrick's Day shirt to wear to school. From fun graphic T-shirts for little boys who aren't too cool to dress up to rainbow leggings for active little girls, we've got options that will stand out on the playground in a sea of everyone else's green. 

Toddlers and babies look adorable no matter what they're wearing, but one of the perks of being a parent is being able to dress them up in cute outfits of our choosing. They get to wake us up at all hours of the night demanding food and snuggles, we get to pick their pants. It's a fair trade. 

From over-the-top ensembles perfect for a full-blown St. Patrick's Day photo shoot to subtler green options that can be worn all year and by multiple siblings, we've gathered 20 adorable St. Patrick's Day looks for tiny leprechauns. Grab the little lucky charms and pick a favorite for them to wear. 

  • Footed Onesie


    Searching for a St. Patrick's Day look that baby can wear forever (or at least until he grows out of it)? This cozy footed onesie is patterned in shamrocks, rainbows, and horseshoes for plenty of luck, but still neutral enough to wear all season. Bonus: It can be saved for a younger sibling of either gender. 

    St. Patrick's Day Footed Onesie ($15, Old Navy)

  • First St. Patrick's Day Photo Outfit for Girls


    For those of us who just can't resist dressing our baby girl up as a living doll, her first St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be complete without this over-the-top outfit. Why choose between leggings, a tutu and a headband when she can wear all three?

    First St. Patrick's Day Outfit (From $18, Laura Beth Creations/Etsy)

  • Wee Little Lucky One Romper


    Snuggle a wee little lucky one close in this super cute one-piece romper. Snaps along the legs make diaper changes a breeze and the long sleeves and pants are good for chilly March mornings. Plus, everything's cuter with a kangaroo pouch on it. 

    Long Sleeve Romper ($10, Target)

  • First St. Patrick's Day Outfit


    For anyone who's looking to buy a special St. Patrick's Day outfit that can be used down the line for younger siblings, this onesie with lucky pants and hat will get plenty of attention but is still gender-neutral enough to work for a little brother or sister. 

    First St. Patrick's Day Outfit (From $9, Cuddle, Sleep, Dream/Etsy)

  • Lucky Long Sleeve Tutu


    Give the mommies what they want -- long-sleeve onesies for babies to wear in the winter and spring. This lucky little lady tutu onesie is the perfect blend of cute holiday outfit and practical playwear. Put it on for a fun photo shoot, and head into the high chair for some mashed banana without worry. 

    St. Patty's Long Sleeve Tutu Bodysuit ($8, Target)

  • 'PAW Patrol' St. Patrick's Day Shirt


    Got a toddler who is obsessed with all things Marshall, Chase, Rocky, and Skye? Blow their minds and help them win major cool points at daycare with this PAW Patrol St. Patrick's Day T-shirt. Finally, a holiday shirt we know they'll wear more than once. 

    PAW Patrol St. Patrick's Day Shirt ($13, Old Navy)

  • Shenanigans Outfit


    Give the little leprechaun a look that lets everyone know how much mischief she's responsible for with this fun "I put the SHE in shenanigans" outfit. Don't be surprised if she escapes from her crib during nap. She's just trying to live up to her shirt's expectations. 

    Shenanigans Outfit ($15, Carters)

  • It's My Lucky Day Shirt


    Got a little dude who's not afraid to bling it up on St. Patrick's Day? This gold leaf shirt lets everyone know it's his lucky day but is still totally casual for running around during gym class or on the playground. Talk about effortlessly cool. 

    It's My Lucky Day T-Shirt ($6, Target)

  • Rainbow Stripe Leggings


    For little girls who want to show their Irish pride but aren't feeling a sparkly green tutu (that kickball tournament's not going to win itself, Mom) check out these rainbow stripe leggings. The only thing wrong with them -- they don't come in my size. 

    Rainbow Side Stripe Leggings ($8, Target)

  • Lucky Charm Onesie


    For babies who sleep through the night, never spit up their milk, and rarely have a diaper explosion, let them know how special they are with this cute lucky charm onesie. If only that luck could rub off on other babies!

    Lucky Charm Onesie ($7, jw Design Lab/Etsy)

  • Plaid Pants & Bow Tie Set


    A big slow clap to Target for this totes adorbs two-piece St. Patrick's Day look that stands out from all the lime green going on. The sweater is actually a separate bodysuit, so that diaper will stay covered. Pair it with some jeans and it's a completely new outfit.

    Long Sleeve Bodysuit, Bow Tie and Pants Set ($16, Target)

  • Pinch Charming Outfit


    Not sure what's more adorable here, the fact that this onesie says "Pinch" Charming instead of Prince Charming, or that this outfit comes with teeny sweats to match his mom's hanging-around-the-house pants. Either way, adding to my cart. 

    Pinch Charming Outfit ($13, Carters)

  • St. Patrick's Day Pullover


    Although St. Patrick's Day is in March, all the green decor distracts us from the fact that it's still freezing in many parts of the country. This super cute pullover will keep kids warm without having to pull on a sweater. Anyone else getting awesome Rainbow Brite vibes? 

    St. Patrick's Day Pullover ($15, Target)

  • Lucky Bottom Outfit


    Baby bottoms become 37 percent cuter when they're decorated with cartoon characters. These lucky bottom striped shamrock pants are no exception. If that wasn't adorable enough, they come with a My First St. Patrick's Day onesie to wear on top. Sold!

    Lucky Bottom Outfit ($13, Carters)

  • Stylish Stripes


    Marie Kondo fans will appreciate this striped shorts romper. It's a playful way to dress a baby up for St. Patrick's Day without taking up room in the closet on an item that won't get much use. That teeny pocket definitely sparks joy. 

    Striped Shorts Onesie ($20, Gap Baby)

  • First St. Patrick's Day Outfit for Boys


    This clever first St. Patrick's Day onesie grants all the style points that come with a bow tie and suspenders without having to wrestle a baby into fancy clothes. If they made these for men, we bet the boardroom would never look back.

    First St. Patrick's Day Outfit for Boys (From $15, Oliver and Olivia App/Etsy)

  • Cutest Clover Onesie


    This is the go-to St. Patrick's Day onesie for the mom who knows full well she has the cutest baby in the playgroup, but doesn't want to come right out and say it, lest Jade's mom takes offense. Deep down, she knows her baby is the cutest, and now so does everyone else.

    Cutest Clover in the Patch Onesie ($16, Tiffs Tees Creations/Etsy)

  • Little Shamrocker


    Hipster parents, we've got you covered. This little shamrocker onesie is a way to get in on the holiday fun without feeling like a total sellout to all things "mommy and daddy." Pop this on the baby, and now the fam's ready for an Irish brunch. 

    Little Shamrocker Shirt (From $25, My Birthday Shirt Shop/Etsy)

  • Leprechaun Onesie


    Got a little ginger baby? Give everyone a big St. Patrick's day laugh with this leprechaun costume onesie. Even blondes or brunettes will look adorable dressed up as tiny magical creatures. Better do it now, before they're too old to let us.

    Leprechaun Onesie ($8, Carters)

  • Sassy Little Lassie


    For the baby who's more spice than sugar, this sassy little lassie outfit screams perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Get her to strike a pose (Just kidding, she'll do that all on her own) and get ready to spam everyone's feed with cute kid pics. 

    Sassy Little Lassie Outfit (From $18, My Little Bow Peeps Shop/Etsy)

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