20 Low-Mess St. Patrick's Day Crafts Kids (and Moms) Will Love

20 Low-Mess St. Patrick's Day Crafts Kids (and Moms) Will Love

St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids
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Adults love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some corned beef, Irish soda bread, and maybe a pint (or two!) of green beer. But kids adore getting in on the holiday cheer, too. They may not live for cabbage as much as we do this time of year, but younger ones show off their green side pride by making leprechaun traps, eating lots of sweet rainbow and green treats, and of course, making rainbow and clover crafts in honor of St. Patrick's Day. 

If the idea of pulling out the craft bin usually sounds like anything but a good time, don't stress. We've rounded up 20 fun and easy St. Patrick's Day crafts to do with the little leprechauns that are totally mess-free. 

We know everyone's busy, which is why these crafts aren't only low mess, they're also fast. These projects that can be done in less than half an hour, leaving time for everything else on the schedule. Most of them use art and craft supplies that may already be on hand, and if not, don't call it quits! Just try a substitution. 

St. Patrick's Day crafts don't have to be perfect, it's all about the joy of creating something in honor of this emerald holiday. Feel free to use markers or crayons instead of paints, grab some construction paper in a rainbow of colors if there's no crepe paper around. If the cotton ball bag is empty and the kids' rainbows need clouds, ball up tissue or search the pantry for some marshmallows. 

From rainbow friendship bracelets and shamrock photo frames to edible necklaces that are one part craft, one part snack, everyone's sure to get lucky with these fun and easy St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids. 

  • Rainbow Crown


    A cute St Patrick's Day craft with absolutely no messy paint or glue? That's what I'm talking about! Kids will love wearing these colorful rainbow crowns by Handmade Charlotte long after the holiday is over. Measuring and cutting the lengths of pipe cleaner is a great way for them to practice math and fine motor skills while they create.  

  • Cereal Rainbow


    This cereal rainbow craft from Hands On As We Grow lets toddlers explore art without making a giant mess. Edible supplies means not having to watch like a hawk in case they decide to sneak a taste while creating. All out of Fruit Loops? Try using colored pasta or a rainbow-colored candy like Skittles. 

  • Rainbow Rocks


    If the kids' art projects are starting to pile up in a way that would make Marie Kondo cringe, painting clover and rainbow rocks (like this one from Ruffles & Rain Boots) is a way to let them make something for the holiday without adding more clutter to the house. Once they're dry, the rocks can decorate the garden. 

  • Marshmallow Shamrock Stamping


    Kids love pulling out their paint set (thanks Auntie!) but we hate having to deal with the cleanup. This genius marshmallow shamrock stamping technique by Raising Reeds is an easy way to let kids create something cool without having to wash and dry brushes after. Plus, leftover mallows become a snack!

  • Pipe Cleaner Shamrock


    These quick and easy pipe cleaner shamrocks from Premeditate Leftovers are the perfect craft to fall back on when the kids are begging for some fresh craft action, but last week's glitter bomb is still a vivid memory. Make one as a wand, or a bouquet full of them to brighten up the kitchen table. 

  • Cardboard Roll Leprechaun


    This cardboard roll leprechaun from Easy Crafts for Kids is as versatile as it is adorable. Don't have a toilet paper roll? Cut down a paper towel roll. Don't want the kids getting into the paints? Tape on construction paper or let them decorate using markers or crayons. 

  • Shamrock Window Clings


    These shamrock window clings from Hands On As We Grow let kids experiment with lots of different mediums while keeping the mess to a minimum. They're simple enough for toddlers to get in on the fun. Plus, making window decorations beats buying those clings that never stick like they're supposed to. 

  • Rainbow Slime


    As much as we wish it would, the slime craze doesn't seem to be fading any time soon. Our carpets will never be the same. But on the bright side, this rainbow slime recipe from Moose Mischief might just lure tweens out of their bedrooms and into a family St. Patrick's Day activity. 

  • Wine Cork Shamrock Stamp


    Thanks to Fun Family Crafts we now know that three wine corks banded together with a strong elastic or tape makes an easy shamrock stamp. See, that nightly glass of pinot isn't selfish at all --  it's helping the kids gather craft supplies! 

  • Shamrock Photo Frame


    Help little ones create this adorable shamrock photo frame from Simple Everyday Mom to remember how cute they were on St. Patrick's Day this year. Add green mini-pom poms or stickers for a touch of texture. The frame can be hung on the fridge as is, or added to a backdrop of rainbows and gold. 

  • Streamer Rainbow


    These streamer rainbows from My Kid Craft let little ones make a bright and colorful work of art without the risk of spilling paint all over the place. Measuring and cutting crepe paper strips helps hone those math and fine motor skills, too. Don't have crepe paper? Construction paper works well, too!

  • Dot Rainbows


    Grab a hole punch and some bright construction paper to help kiddos create these colorful dot rainbows from Crafty Morning. Can't find the paper punch? Bingo daubers will also work! Either way, kids will make a masterpiece while learning shape skills while they follow the rainbow's arches. 

  • Pots of Gold


    For a super easy craft that earns plenty of cool mom points, help the kids make these pots of gold from Eat, Drink, And Save Money. Just grab some tiny flowerpots from the garden section and some shamrock stickers (or let them go wild with markers). Fill the pot with gold-wrapped candies to complete this tiny treasure trove. 

  • Leprechaun Mask


    A paper plate leprechaun mask, like this one from Walk In The Sunshine, makes for a fun, paint-free St. Patrick's Day craft. They're great for giving the kids something to stay busy on a Saturday afternoon, or can come in handy when that notice comes home saying the kids can dress up for the holiday, but they don't have any green shirts handy.

  • Rainbow Cereal Necklace


    Combine craft time with snack time by making these super cute rainbow cereal necklaces from Eighteen25. With no paint or glue required, they're completely mess-free. Since they double as a treat, the kids will actually clean up after themselves for a change. 

  • Rainbow Shaker Wands


    Embrace that holiday energy rush that has the kids running wild by helping them make these rainbow shaker wands by Happy Mothering. Bells and rice help add plenty of sensory sound fun, and the LOs will love concentrating on painting the perfect rainbow up the tube. 

  • Rainbow Friendship Bracelets


    Help kids make these sweet rainbow friendship bracelets from Simple Everyday Mom as an easy but thoughtful trinket to hand out on St. Patrick's Day. It's a great way to teach them the value of kindness. Stringing beads in rainbow order counts as a bonus mini science, too!

  • Flameless Candle St Patrick's Centerpieces


    Got a Fancy Nancy fan in the family? They'll adore creating these chic flameless candle St. Patrick's Day centerpieces from Happy Mothering. Made from dollar store supplies and totally paint- and glue-free, they're a grown-up looking craft older kids can handle on their own. 

  • Paper Shamrocks


    These sweet paper shamrocks from Hands On As We Grow are an easy way to add some St. Patrick's Day decor to the house. Littles will love the magical way hearts combine to form a clover, and everything is more entertaining when there's a stapler involved. 

  • Leprechaun Lookers


    The leprechaun trap's been set and the shepherd's pie has been devoured. But the kids aren't ready to stop the St. Patrick's Day fun, so now what? Make these leprechaun lookers from Love Your Littles to search the house high and low for tiny green footprints or trails of glitter.

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