20 Mess-Free Valentine’s Day Crafts Kids (& Moms) Will Love

20 Mess-Free Valentine’s Day Crafts Kids (& Moms) Will Love

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Valentine's Day is all about letting the people we love know how much we care. Sometimes we do that with a fancy meal or a big bouquet of flowers. Some of us choose chocolates (me!) or jewelry as our love language of choice. Hugs and kisses are always acceptable, too, especially from our kids. But the whole too-young-for-a-job thing doesn't mean kids still don't want in on the Valentine's Day gift-giving fun. Which is why a handmade gift or card is a great way for kids to share the love in February. 

Some parents cringe at the thought of busting out the craft supplies with young kids. We get it -- no matter how adorable their paint squiggles that sorta look like hearts are, having to scrape paint off the table when they're done is a major pain. And with school and work schedules to juggle,  finding a chunk of time to do a craft together can be a big challenge. Luckily, there's plenty of quick and simple, low-mess Valentine's Day crafts for kids that will help them make something special for friends and family without having to devote an entire afternoon to making a craft explosion and then and cleaning up. 

From rose rings made out of pipe cleaners, which they'll want to wear all year, to pretty mosaic hearts the grandparents will love to display, we've rounded up 20 low-mess Valentine's Day crafts for kids that are low-stress, low-mess and tons of fun. (We even found a way to let them play with paint without any splatters -- Score!) Scroll through for inspiration, and get ready to help the kids make something special for the ones they love. 

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