Mom Shares Horrifying Photos of Her Worst Vacation Ever After Kids Catch Infection From Their Hotel

Danielle Macintyre
Facebook/Danielle Macintyre

Going on vacation with your kids is never easy. You have to pack all of their clothes and things to entertain them, and you might even have to bring a first aid kit in case they get sick. But for one mom from Glasgow, Scotland, her recent trip to Spain turned into a total nightmare when her travel company failed to inform her that her hotel had an ongoing outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease and the infection spread to her two young daughters. Now the mom is speaking out about her experience so parents everywhere can be warned about what to look out for the next time they travel.

  • Danielle MacIntyre was excited to take her daughters on their first family vacation.

    According to The Mirror, the 25-year-old mom and care assistant spent more than £3,000 (or about $3,951) to take her 3-year-old, Nevah, and her 5-month-old, Milla, to Club Mac hotel in Alcudia, Majorca on September 7. 

    "It was our first ever family holiday and all my family came including my mum," Danielle explained. "I was already anxious to take the girls on holiday because I thought they would keep crying on the plane but they were actually great."

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  • But on fifth day of the family vacation, the trip quickly soured. Nevah had come down with a sore throat and a rash.

    In a post Danielle published on Facebook, she shared that Nevah started to run a fever too. "Her eyes were rolling at the back of her head," Danielle described. "[I] took her straight to the doctor on-site who said she had dehydration and a red throat." But Danielle added that she wasn't convinced of his diagnosis.

    "I knew that was a lot of nonsense because she had drunk plenty liquids," Danielle told The Mirror. The family were due to leave their vacation the next day, but unfortunately for poor Nevah her condition got worse and she started to break out in red spots all over her hands and feet.

  • When the family returned home, Danielle's youngest started to show the same symptoms as her sister.

    Danielle said that Milla was screaming in agony as she rushed her to the doctor's office, and the mom eventually rushed her little one to the hospital because she was afraid that the sores were infected. 

    Doctors diagnosed Milla and Nevah with hand, foot, and mouth disease, which the Mayo Clinic described as "a mild, contagious viral infection common in young children" and is characterized by sores in the mouth and a rash in the hands and feet. The infection is not typically fatal, but it can be uncomfortable for little kids and, if not monitored, can lead to dehydration.

  • Danielle blames her hotel for getting her girls sick, arguing that staff had known there was an outbreak of the infection but failed to tell her.

    On Facebook, Danielle was outraged. "[O]n arrival we should have been told by the main reception that there was an outbreak of this disease, which we didn’t get told!"

    She addd that at a different welcome desk for customers of Thomas Cook Airlines, there was a notice that the hotel had been infected since May. "Why are we 4 months down the line and this hotel still has this ongoing problem!" Danielle wrote. "One warning letter in a resort of 3 big hotels isn’t good enough." 

    Danielle and her family had traveled using the Jet2 airline and she says that there was no notice at her welcome desk. And what's worse is that unless Danielle happened to find the other notice, there is no way she would have known that the hotel had been infected.

    Danielle said that when she called to complain to Jet2, it told her that if there was an outbreak, customers would have been informed and given the option to move hotels, "but I wasn't given that choice," Danielle told The Mirror.

  • Now, Danielle is speaking out about her experience, saying that she believes her travel company kept the outbreak under wraps on purpose.

    "I'm so gutted that this disease has ruined our holiday," she said. "I know getting this disease is very possible but I just don't get why we were not warned. They obviously didn't want to put it out there which is why they want to put it under wraps."

    The mom shared that not only did the outbreak cause her kids to get sick, but both her mother and her partner, who work in healthcare, were not allowed back at work for fear that they would spread the infection. "So from that they lost a couple days worth of earnings," Danielle explained.

    In a statement given to The Mirror, a spokesman for Jet2 told reporters this: "We are aware of a small number of cases of hand-foot-and-mouth at the Club Mac Hotel in Alcudia, and we have briefed our team on how to spot and prevent the spread of the illness.

    "We would like to assure our customers that their health and safety is our number one priority, and we work closely with all hotels to ensure that health and safety standards meet the very high requirements that we and our customers expect."

    But for Danielle the damage is already done. "Just be very careful to anyone visiting this hotel!" she warned online.

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