20 Thanksgiving Crafts to Keep Kids Out of the Kitchen

20 Thanksgiving Crafts to Keep Kids Out of the Kitchen


Thanksgiving is amazing: the whole family together in one place, a million side dishes, pumpkin pie. But there's a lot of time to fill before the Thanksgiving feast is ready, and a lot of work that has to happen to get it on the table. For little kids who wake up expecting the holiday to be nonstop fun, like a Christmas 2.0, Thanksgiving morning can be a bit of a letdown. 

Sure, putting on a movie or playing video games is always an option to keep the kids happy while the cooking gets done. But one way to make the day feel more special is to dedicate some space for the kids to make Thanksgiving crafts to decorate the table or share with grandparents. 

If the idea of adding crafting time to Thanksgiving on top of peeling potatoes, filling pies, and remembering to baste the turkey is causing a panic, never fear. While these crafts are super fun and adorable, they're also low- or no-mess. In fact, these crafts are so simple that kids can do them on their own or the crew watching football can easily lend a hand during commercials. And if Thanksgiving itself is just too hectic, feel free to try them over the long weekend -- perhaps while munching on a leftover turkey sandwich. 

Some kids like to focus on gratitude on Thanksgiving, and for them, we've got crafts that will help them share what they're thankful for with the entire family. For little kids who need help staying out of the kitchen and away from the hot stove, our fillable turkey centerpiece and real sailing Mayflower will keep them occupied and stop them getting underfoot. There are even crafts kids can make to decorate the table, like woven paper placemats and beaded harvest corn. Here's hoping that crafting on Thanksgiving becomes a fun new family tradition. 

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