20 Painless Toddler Hair Tutorials That Won't Invoke Tantrums

20 Painless Toddler Hair Tutorials That Won't Invoke Tantrums
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With back to school season here in full force, it can be more than frustrating to get the little ones out of the door on time. And let’s be completely honest, toddlers really are no exception, as making sure they have everything they need for the day (we’re talking, lunch, snacks, and more) can be a challenge in itself, especially when getting to work on time is already difficult enough. Of course, getting a toddler ready for school is also a part of the never-ending struggle, as selecting the right clothes and shoes and making sure their hair is styled away from their face comes with its own set of problems. Sigh. 

But thanks to modern inventions like YouTube (with Pinterest as another great resource), it’s great to know that styling toddler hair doesn’t have to involve pain, screaming, or tears, as there are tons of styling tutorials available that can take under five minutes to achieve. A toddler can have fun and functional hairdos that will look great. Well, will look great for as long as they can keep them in for. And all of the tutorials are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and master skill sets alike. Each helpful tutorial can be a great resource for those (all hair lengths and types included!) in major need of some serious hair inspiration. From adorable pigtails, simple braids, and cute Minnie Mouse buns, here are 20 painless toddler hair tutorial ideas straight from YouTube. Trust us, some of them only take five minutes (or less!) to create. 

  • 3 Easy Natural Hairstyles


    This foolproof tutorial successfully breaks down adorable looks like flat back twists, crown twists, and a gorgeous half-up, half-down style. These no-tears styles are perfect for school or playing all day at summer camp!

  • Minnie Mouse Buns


    Have a Disney-obsessed toddler? It only takes five minutes (yes, really) to create this bun hairstyle that works for both play and naps. Dress up with bows for a ridiculously cute look. We love how clean and simple thi style is!

  • Three Easy Toddler Hairstyles


    From side twists to baby mohawks, this tutorial can be more than handy for beginners. It offers three easy hairstyles that can be achieved in minutes. Just style, set, and fly out the door. Plus, skip the fighting and make them feel "big" by allowing them to pick one of the three.

  • 3 Quick and Easy Toddler Hairstyles For Beginners


    Beginners will also love this handy tutorial as it breaks down a front crossed braid, diagonal flips, and front messy buns in easy-to-follow steps. But warning: fellow moms are definitely going to be asking for all the hairstyling secrets. 

  • Easy Hairstyle for Baby & Toddler Using Rubber Bands


    Sometimes a hack can make all the different. It only takes a good hair comb and some rubber bands to create this ridiculously easy hairstyle. Hair will be out of their face and neatly in place. Plus it is super cute and versatile.   

  • 3 Simple & Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair


    When toddlers have longer hair, it can feel like a lot to manage. This medium-length tutorial is perfect for toddlers who want a pretty hairstyle that can be achieved in a matter of minutes.  Add whatever color bow or band the little one wants to rock for a personalized look. 

  • Fan Buns


    Whether she’s got school, dance, or gymnastics on the calendar, trust any of these hairstyles to keep her hair looking on point. Plus, this sleek style gets hair super out of her face, so she is free to move about without a care for her hair. 

  • Fast and Easy Topsy Tail Hairstyles for Girls


    Great for those in a time crunch, trust any of these styles to make getting out of the door on time a whole lot easier.  Kids will love the topsy turvy aspect and might sit still even longer if made to feel they are dong something super silly. 

  • Braided Ninja Buns Easy Hairstyle for Baby and Toddler


    Who said that easy has to be boring? Mom doesn't have to be a stylist to create unforgettable looks. Shake up the usual bun looks with this braided hairstyle look that’s perfect for both babies and toddlers.

  • 4 Twist With Center Messy Bun Toddler


    All this easy toddler style requires is fashioning four twists into a messy center bun. It's cute, stylish, and takes no time at all.

  • 10 Cute 1-Minute Hairstyles For Little Girls


    Each of these 10 beautiful hairstyles is perfect for beginners and master hair stylists alike. The best part? They promise to take less than a minute -- everyone has time for that!

  • Stairstep Ponies


    This look may be more suitable for those with a medium to intermediate skill set, but it’s safe to say it’s one basic look that she’ll definitely love. Just be warned, she might ask for it over and over and over again.

  • Easy Toddler Mohawk Hairstyle


    This fierce hairstyle is perfect for the little angel who likes to show off her fashionable side. Plus, it’s also off her face so mom won’t have to worry about it falling out. Hm, can we rock this look too come to think of it?

  • Simple High Puff Hairstyle


    It’s hard to deny that a simple high puff hairstyle makes for an easy natural hairstyle that will stay in place all day long. Plus just look how adorable she is with the sweet and stylish 'do. 

  • Girl's Quick & Easy Hairstyle


    This natural hairstyle tutorial maybe suitable for those who have some styling skills under their belt, but still offers a gorgeous finish any little one would love. The looks can last a day of playing and don't take long to master. 

  • Toddler Braiding Basics


    Braiding takes a lot of patience on the part of the braider and the brad-dee. Learn how to braid like a pro quickly with this helpful tutorial, which features adorable styles like a three-strand braid, a rope twist, and a fishtail braid.  

  • 6 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Kids With Short Hair


    Short hair doesn't mean it has to be boring. This informative tutorial makes any of these styles look practically painless. They are classic and will be comfortable enough for toddlers to wear all day long, so not complaints all day long!

  • Simple Braid + Ponytail


    Sometimes it is just better to go back to basics. This simple braid and ponytail hairstyle can be achieved in several different ways (half up, half down, etc) to cultivate a perfect toddler-friendly look. 

  • Pull Through Faux Hawk


    Braiding not really part of a fortee? This faux hawk style may take some time and patience to master, but it will surely keep hair out of any toddler’s face.

  • Toddler Bow Hairstyle 


    Miss the big bows of the baby years? This look is perfect for any occasion. And this toddler-friendly bow hairstyle only takes minutes to create. Plus, little ones can help pick out which bows they want to wear so they can feel and look good!

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