20 Disney Pumpkin Ideas to Add Some Magic for Halloween

20 Disney Pumpkin Ideas  to Add Some Magic for Halloween

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Carving and decorating pumpkins for Halloween is on every family's fall checklist. Looking for a way to make this year's crop super special? Take some style inspiration from the kiddos' favorite movies and make a Disney-themed display in honor of their favorite characters -- or go wild and recreate the entire population of Magic Kingdom. 

Let's be honest, creating the same old spooky jack-o'-lantern every year can feel a bit like celebrating Groundhog Day instead of Halloween. And not every child likes the scary side of Halloween, especially toddlers or those who see Halloween as a reason to cover themselves and everything within a 2-mile radius with glitter. 

Everyone, from kids to grandparents, has a favorite Disney film or a character we think of as our spirit animal (Hi, I'm Ursula) and Halloween is the perfect time to show them off. Make pumpkins that showcase everyone in the family's personal Disney spirit, like a Nemo pumpkin for the littlest guppy in the family. Or create a pumpkin that looks just like Mrs. Potts that matches your daughter's Belle costume (can you say amazing photo op?) 

These designs will appeal to everyone's inner child and are simple enough to pull off that even a child can do them -- no middle of the backyard meltdown over epic pumpkin fails. And if the idea of kids wielding knives feels a little too much like a real-life horror movie, lots of Disney characters can take their pumpkin form completely carving-free, using paint and other simple craft materials.

The hardest part of pumpkin-making this Halloween won't be creating these awesome Disney pumpkins, it will be deciding which one to choose. 

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