Dad Lets Toddler Poop Behind a Bush & Doesn't Get Why Mom Is P*ssed


Little girl on the potty

Sometime when the kids have got to go, they've got to go and it's up to mom and dad to hustle off to the closest bathroom ASAP. But for one mom from England, the problem wasn't finding a bathroom close by, it was her husband who didn't want to bother a dentist's office across the street and instead insisted they take their toddler to the park to let her poop behind a bush. What?! The dilemma had the couple at odds with each other, but now she's asking other parents if her husband's request was weird or if she was being unreasonable.

  • The drama started when a mom wrote in to the parenting forum Mumsnet and explained the stinky situation.

    User Mamawingingit1234 said that things started to get tense when the two couldn't agree on where to take their daughter to hit up the porcelain throne. To make matters worse, her infant son had just had a "poonami" in his diaper, so the two were aware that they were headed for another disaster.

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  • Although the mom suggested that they take the toddler to the dentist's office across the street, her husband seemed sure that the park was the better.

    The two went back and forth over which was the right location for their daughter to do her business, but still she wasn't sure who was in the wrong. 

    Was she being unreasonable or was her husband?

  • Many users seemed stunned with Mamawingingit's husband's conclusion.

  • Why couldn't her husband just take the extra steps so their child wasn't pooping outdoors?

  • And another person wondered what would happen if there were other kids in the area while their daughter got down to business.

    Talk about awkward!

  • Someone else said that letting the little one drop a squat in the park was "so gross." 

  • But there were a surprising number of people who felt like Mamawingingit was in the wrong.

    They argued that when nature calls, you do what you have to do.

  • This mom said park pooping has happened to her in the past and it will happen to her in the future.

  • And another parent said she doesn't think she "could get wound up by this." If kids need to go, they need to go, she reasoned.

  • Though a third user said that even though she's allowed her child to poo in the park in the past, she couldn't really recommend it to other parents.

  • Though perhaps this user had the right of the situation best.

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