20 Mess-Free Halloween Crafts for Kids

20 Mess-Free Halloween Crafts for Kids
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As soon as mega bags of candy arrive in the stores and scary masks are just begging to be tried on to scare younger siblings, Halloween season has officially arrived. While the holiday is a great excuse to let the imagination soar when it comes to picking a fantastic costume, it's also the perfect time of year to make some spooktacular arts and crafts with the little ones who are super excited for Halloween. But when it comes to trying new projects with younger kids, we all know how easily things can go from fun, organized chaos to a paint-splattered disaster zone that will take the whole afternoon to clean up (and make us regret we even tried something crafty in the first place).

Luckily, it is possible to create awesome paint-free Halloween crafts with kids. These projects are fun enough to get the whole family into the holiday spirit, but have easy-to-find components that are simple to put together and won't leave the craft table looking as if was ransacked by a bunch of zombies. Because as much as we like spending time doing things with our kids, we'd rather spend our fall afternoon sipping a PSL than scrubbing paint off the floor after making messy handprint jack-o-lanterns. 

These paint-free crafts keep the mess to a minimum, and are also awesome projects for toddlers or little kids at the age where they want to do things by themselves. No paint means kids with an independent spirit can take on more of the steps, which means less arguing and more fun all around. There are cotton ball ghosts, fall leaf pumpkins, masking tape mummies, and more to inspire kids and help decorate the house for Halloween. Pick one (or more!) to try. Happy haunting!

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