17 Unique Costco Playhouse Hacks That Are the Ultimate DIY Transformations

17 Unique Costco Playhouse Hacks That Are the Ultimate DIY Transformations

Costco Playhouse HackCostco Playhouse Hack

Itching for a craft project, but don't know what to make? Why not take a look towards the backyard, like the hundreds of parents who are posting their own DIY "hacks" on this adorable playhouse that's sold at our favorite warehouse retailer, Costco. After buying a plain playhouse, parents are opening up their paint cans and busting out their fairy lights to make the absolute cutest play spaces we've ever seen. All these crafty moms did was give these playhouse a personal touch by customizing them with flowers, banners, and decor. Some even jazzed up the inside to make truly the most perfect space for their lucky kiddos!

Playing pretend is important for kids’ growth. Time spent outside, lost in the world of make-believe can have foster children’s imagination and creative thinking. So why not give kids a house that they can really call their own? These “hacked” houses are not just something that will take up space in the yard, they are beautiful and charming spaces that a little boy or girl can be proud of and enjoy using all summer long.

Some of these designs are for more advanced crafters, but we’ve found plenty of examples that show what a fresh coat of wood stain and a window box full of synthetic flowers can do for these tiny homes. Trust us, these DIYs are not just for professionals. In fact, many of these playhouses were designed by moms who were only armed with an idea and a few hours!

So take a look at these amazing DIY Costco playhouse hacks and see if any of these gorgeous mini homes strike up the imagination. We’re sure that they will!

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