These Hysterical Parents Aren't Afraid to Say What They Really Think About Peppa Pig & It's Brutal

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Peppa Pig
Nick Jr.

When your little one has a favorite TV show it can be a blessing in a curse. Yes, each episode can offer parents a much-needed break as it completely occupies your little one's attention, but it can seriously get old -- and fast. That's the case with Peppa Pig and the many parents who regret the day their little ones first saw, and fell for, this popular cartoon. If you can't stand anything about this pink pig and her attitude, one parent wants you to know that you aren't alone.

  • An anonymous user started a Reddit thread dedicated to venting about Peppa and the pain she's caused parents.

    Instead of keeping the frustration and hatred bottled up, this Reddit user got hilarously real about Peppa Pig. "I need to share my pain, I want to DIG UP THE ROAD!! and toss them all in the hole and cement it over," user Mallark wrote. "Also Daddy Pig is a smug prick."

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  • Other parents were quick to unload exactly how they feel -- and didn't mince words.

  • Many have nothing but pure hate for this little pig and her crew.

    "She's a precocious little shit," one user added.

    "Peppa is a proper little shit. I'm sick of being subjected to the same episodes over and over on Amazon but I refuse to pay for it," another added. "Wee one has gone off Hey Duggee and Sesame Street which were both pretty bearable. All she wants to watch is Peppa..."
  • And many would rather eat her than be subjected to another episode...

    "By Christ I hate those f*cking arseholes. They are the sole reason I haven't turned vegetarian yet so I can imagine eating that family one by one," another user commented.

    "I used to teach primary. A lot of parents seem to want Peppa turned into sausages," one person wrote.

  • Another parent reminded others that it's a slow and never-ending torture when you have more than one kid...

    "I've been tortured by it for 5 years now," one parent wrote. "Just as my eldest stopped watching it favoring Paw Patrol (which I quite enjoy watching), my youngest got obsessed with it."

  • Others even threw in some conspiracy theories they'd been thinking about.

    "Holy shit. And everyone else has names like, Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep, first and last names that have the same starting letters... yet he's just, George," one user pointed out.

    "What'a the deal with Bing and Flop? Like... do you think Bing knows Flop isn't his dad?" another wrote.

    "There are some pretty dark theories about Flop being Bing's Carer in some post-apocalyptic world where 'the event' is never mentioned," another commented. "Would explain why poor old Flop sounds so knackered, I guess."


  • But some see the humor in the show and appreciate the lines aimed at adults.

  • However, others hate the show for what they think it promotes: bad behavior.

  • But no matter how annoying it may be, some will always be grateful for the priceless gift it gives: peace and quiet.