Toddler Pops Under a Stranger’s Bathroom Stall & Pure Hilariousness Ensues

toddler climbing under bathroom stall

When the time for kids to brave public bathrooms on their own, parents not only hope that they'll be safe, but also that they'll be able to handle their business by themselves. But as one bold little boy proved recently, this isn't always the case. A teenager using a public restroom was completely floored when a toddler climbed underneath his stall asking for help washing his hands, and hilarious video footage of the event has the internet going crazy.  

  • Andrew had no idea what he was in for when he took a bathroom break while working at a Chick-fil-A in Virginia.

    Not surprising for a typical teen, Andrew had his phone handy and hit record when 4-year-old Levi decided to crawl on over for a chat in the middle of his bathroom session. Lasting less than a minute, the video plays out the hilariously shocking moment when the toddler peeks underneath the stall and slides right on in. 

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  • "What's your name," the kid asks as he completely crashes the teen's "personal" bathroom time.

    To his credit, the teenager remains pretty calm given the situation and replies, "Andrew." That's good enough for the bold little Levi who says, "OK," before he scoots underneath the bathroom door to join him. 

  • Levi then tells Andrew that he needs "somebody to hold me and help me wash my hands."

    "Ummm," Andrew pans the camera down to show that he is very clearly seated on the toilet. "I think your mom's outside." 

  • Understanding pretty quickly that his new "friend" won't be able to help him, the little guy takes his leave.

    Instead of crawling back out the way he came in, the 4-year-old just opens the stall door and walks out. But not before he tells Andrew that he's "just gotta lock" the door. The teenager bids his intruder farewell with a "thanks, bro" right before the video ends. 

  • With over 200 thousand retweets, the video is a viral sensation. So much so that the kid's dad even came across it on Twitter.

    In a truly spectacular Tweet to Andrew, the man, Len Stevens said that his son was just a super friendly little guy, "sometimes a bit too much." 

    In an interview with Scary Mommy, Stevens said that his son's predicament was brought on by an act of rebellion. “His mom wanted to take him into the women’s room but he bolted into the mens. She thought about going in after,” he revealed. “Andrew works there. I think Levi saw his uniform and figured he would help. Mom was just outside the door and heard the conversation and some laughter which is common when Levi is around.”

  • Andrew even took the time to reply to the kid's dad on Twitter.

    Ever the good sport, the teenager complimented the toddler for being "fearless and defiantly outgoing." 

  • Other people have become completely obsessed with the cuteness of the video.

  • Some are going hard defending the toddler's bathroom intrusion, too.

  • A few people even chimed in with stories and clips of kids doing similar things in public bathrooms.

    Toddlers are apparently obsessed with stalking people in public bathrooms, who knew? 

  • Of course, there were also a few moms thanking Andrew for handling things as nicely as he did.

    From a parents standpoint, this situation is equal parts terrifying and hilarious. While it's obvious something like this could have gone south, we're obviously glad it didn't. We seriously hope little Levi found someone who helped him with his hand-washing situation in the end, though. 

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