40 Memes That Perfectly Capture the Struggle That Is Life With a Toddler

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  • When Parents Ruin a Toddler's Life


    Only a toddler's parent knows exactly how he or she likes certain things and when those minor details are overlooked, it's cause for a serious meltdown.

  • Cleaning Up a Toddler's Craft Project

    Funny mom meme

    Sure, crafting with toddlers is a fun activity, but when glitter is involved it becomes a lifelong commitment -- because that stuff is never getting cleaned up.

  • Waking Up Early on Weekends


    Who needs an alarm clock when parents have a toddler? These tiny humans don't care that it's the crack of dawn and act like they own the place instead of letting Mom or Dad get an extra hour of sleep.

  • When Toddlers Creep at Night


    Parents have officially joined the creepy toddler club when they wake up to their little one silently staring at them.

  • Teaching Toddlers to Be "Gentle"


    When toddlers become big brothers or sisters, one of the first things parents try to teach them is how to be "gentle." Unfortunately, that isn't a skill many have learned yet. 

  • Sharing a Bed With a Toddler

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    It's amazing how something so little can take up so much room. Let's face it, toddlers can be serious bed hogs and parents are there just to warm their spots and get kicked in the process. 

  • Taking a Family Photo With a Toddler


    Getting a frame-worthy family photo is like mission impossible between trying to get everyone to sit still, smile, be looking in the right direction, and have their eyes open. And when toddlers are in the mix, it's pretty much guaranteed that it won't happen on the same shot.

  • Dealing With an Overtired Toddler


    It doesn't matter how precious a toddler normally is, he or she completely transforms after missing nap time. 

  • Taking a Toddler to a Restaurant


    When parents go out to eat with their toddlers, they're pretty much working on borrowed time to see how far into the meal they can get (like just placing the order) before having to do damage control.

  • Waiting for Toddlers to Wear Themselves Out


    Although it's helpful to think that toddlers will come down from their sugar high or tucker themselves out and eventually lose steam, experienced parents know that's just a lie we tell ourselves to get through. 


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