PBS Is Airing 'Daniel Tiger' & 'Mister Rogers' Back-to-Back All Week Long

PBS Kids

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood has been a hit among both kids and parents since it first aired in 2012. With little ones finding a ton of entertainment in the antics Daniel Tiger and his neighbors get up to and parents finding comparisons to the classic Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, it's hard not to love. With the 50th anniversary of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood recently having passed, PBS has decided to broadcast the shows back-to-back in an amazing double feature that you're definitely going to want to see. 


According to the Fred Rogers Company, the double feature episodes will begin today, Monday, February 26, and end Friday, March 2. Each Day, PBS will air an episode of Daniel Tiger, then follow it up with the corresponding episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood that inspired it. All episodes will be complementary, playing on similar emotions and themes.

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The company even provided a full episode list so parents can plan their watch parties: 

February 26: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood "Daniel's Fish Dies/Daniel's Strawberry Seeds" (NEW) and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Death of a Goldfish"

February 27: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood "The Tiger Family Grows/Daniel Learns About Being a Big Brother" and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Families"

February 28: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood "Visiting Grandpere/The Tiger Family Goes Home" and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Grandparents"

March 1: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood "Friends Help Each Other/Daniel Helps O Tell a Story" and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Friends"

March 2: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood "Daniel Gets Mad/Katerina Gets Mad" and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Mad Feelings"

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You will have to check your local PBS listings for exact air times. But for those who are still hungry for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood after the double features week, PBS will also be airing a special called Mister Rogers: It's You I Like on Tuesday, March 6The special will be hosted by Michael Keaton and feature appearances from people like Whoopi Goldberg and John Lithgow.

PBS has found a way to honor a classic that parents love while also making way for a new-school show their kids can't get enough of. It's pretty genius if you ask us.

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