18 Totally Lovable Valentine's Day Outfits & Accessories for Kids

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Taking a pass on the fancy Valentine’s dress and heels this year (so long pricey dinner, hello take out with the fam) doesn't mean having to say farewell to a love of seasonal fashion. The dream of finding the perfect heart-themed ensemble lives on! After all, dressing kids up in cute outfits outfits while they're still young enough not to pick their own clothes is one of the best perks of being a mom of littles, right? Definitely. 

This Valentine's Day, forget about waxy chocolates they'll take one bite of before spitting out (no one likes orange creme, please stop making those) and don't bother getting them an overpriced card they can't even read. Lord knows, they already have enough stuffed animals to fill an entire zoo, so that's a hard no on that heart-holding teddy. 

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The best Valentine's Day gift for kids is clearly an adorable outfit. Not only are clothes a practical pick over candy or a toy they'll quickly lose interest in, but babies and toddlers decked in hearts is something everyone will love. From "Where did that come from?" outfits to super cute loved-themed accessories, we've gathered up Valentine’s Day looks for kids that are so precious, they won’t even have to ask us to "Be Mine." 


  • Heart pullover


    This heart pullover is a comfy cute look that will warm hearts while keeping those little kiddos warm too! Plus, it doesn't look "too Valentine's Day" -- so they can probably wear it over and over. (Target, $10)

  • Arm candy shirt


    This arm candy shirt starts in infant sizes and goes all the way through kids' size 16. That way, the whole brood can show the world just how adorable they are. (Olive and Emmy, $15 & up)

  • Heart patterned high-tops


    These heart covered sneakers are the perfect final touch for any Valentine's Day look, and the best part is that they're stylish enough to wear all year long. (Vans, $45)

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  • Checklist onesie


    Huggable? Lovable? Kissable? Check, check, and check. With the help of this love checklist onesie, every baby's got that very first Valentine's Day outfit in the bag. (Target, $6)

  • Gold hearts outfit


    Valentine's Day outfits for girls don't have to be full of ruffles and glitter. This gold hearts outfit is perfectly cute (and shiny!) for the holiday, while still giving her plenty of room to run around and play. (Old Navy, $23)

  • Hipster heart hat


    Baby boys and edgy girls can show off their Valentine's Day style with this black-and-white heart hat that's so much cooler than anything in our own closet. (Mad Hatter Shoppe, $15 and up)

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  • Little guy, big heart outfit


    This "little guy, big heart" outfit contains the perfect message for Valentine's Day and beyond. Plus, look how cozy it is. Too bad it doesn't come in adult sizes. (Carter's, $17)

  • Striped heart onesie


    With red and white stripes and matching hearts, this onesie is a classic V-day style pick. Plus, moms get the functionality of a onesie mixed with the look of a shirt. No blowouts and cute Insta pics? Winning! (Gap, $12)

  • Heart leggings


    A romantic card is nice and all, but nothing will make a mom say "Awwww" faster than a baby with a giant heart on their booty. There's nothing cuter. (Gap, $10)

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  • Conversation hearts hair clips


    These conversation hearts hair clips look just like the classic Valentine's Day candy we all grew up on, only way cuter. And they are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. (Baby What Knots Etsy, $4)

  • Heart Party Dress


    For parents who don't love buying new clothes for each holiday but still want a special look for their kiddo this Valentine's Day, this adorable heart dress looks cute year 'round and comes with a great price tag. (Target, $11.99)

  • Chewbacca Valentine's Shirt


    If your little guy claims he's getting to old for hearts but you don't want him to feel left out when all of his classmates are decked in red and pink, this Chewie Valentine's shirt is the perfect way to let him retain his sense of big kid cool while still enjoying the holiday. (Target, $8.99)

  • Black-and-white heart bibs


    Who says red and pink are the only acceptable colors on Valentine's Day? These black-and-white teething bibs are a super trendy and super functional way for moms and dads to show their love for the season of love. (Carter's, $14)

  • First Valentine's Day outfit


    Like the first Valentine's Day with a spouse, a baby girl's first Valentine's Day only comes around once -- might as well do it up. This first Valentine's Day outfit comes with everything parents need to make the Queen of Hearts green with style envy. (Shop Little Rubies Etsy, $16 & up)

  • First Valentine's Day outfit


    Baby boys deserve a special first Valentine's Day look too. This dapper onesie and pants set will lead to plenty of starry eyes and admiring fans. (Cuddle Sleep Dream Etsy, $44 & up) 

  • Valentine's socks


    Twee Valentine's Day socks? "I love mom"? Tiny baby feet? Yup, these little cuties are a must. (Target, $10)

  • Heart headband


    This glittery bow headband is the perfect accessory to any Valentine's Day outfit. (Pink Hair Bow Boutique Etsy, $8)

  • Love letter Henley


    This love letter Henley would be a great pick for the little guy who's always on the go, but still has time to stop for a Valentine's Day hug. The little rockets are especially adorable. (Old Navy, $15)

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