Dad Takes His Little Girl on Monthly Dates & the Internet Can't Decide If It's Cute or Creepy

Girl with flowers

We all want the opportunity to bond with our kids and give them memories that will last a lifetime. And daddy-daughter time can be crucial to young girls who are impressionable. Which is why Caitlin Fladager from Vancouver, Canada, shared a sweet message on Twitter, highlighting the monthly dates that her husband takes their daughter on as "a little tradition." The only problem? Some people are calling this tradition into question, while others have called the dates downright creepy. 

  • On Twitter, Caitlin shared that every month her husband takes their daughter, Arianna, on "dates," where he brings her flowers, helps her pick out an outfit, and takes her out to get dessert.

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  • The post immediately garnered a positive response with her Twitter followers, like this person who thought this was "the cutest thing in the world."

  • Or this person who said that she also used to go on "dates" with her dad and it's one of her best memories growing up.

  • But not everybody was "awwing" over the post. Some felt that by mimicking an act one does in a romantic relationship, it was crossing a line.

    "A father's relationship with his children is a daily endeavor and should never imitate a romantic relationship," this person writes. 

  • "TBH when I read the tweet I only thought about how creepy & wrong it sounds," another person says.

  • She continues, "A dad shouldn't go on dates with his daughter & helping her choose a dress is creepy [....] It teaches her a man has the right to choose your clothes when you go on dates together."

    "I'm shocked that [people] think this is a cute & lovely idea," she writes. "Some dads will sadly teach their daughters she has to pay for the dessert." 

  • But this user struck back, arguing that if this was a mom who was taking her daughter on dates, no one would have a problem with it.

    "If it was the mom bringing her instead you wouldn't think the same," she points out. 

  • While this act is possibly innocuous, some worry it could teach Caitlin's daughter to place too much value on romantic relationships.

    But either way, we do agree that it's nice to spend the day with Dad!