This 6-Year-Old Used an App to Outsmart His Mom & Get McDonald's Secretly Delivered

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Technology can be a helpful tool for parents but it also has the potential to be incredibly dangerous in the hands of kiddos. But when our little ones start to outsmart us and figure out the passcodes or how to use things themselves, it's hard to be anything but impressed at first that they were able to learn how to use different devices at such a young age. However, after that initial moment of realization that your kiddo is a genius, it's a serious wakeup call that you need to be careful and set boundaries before your child starts to use the tech surrounding them against you -- or in a harmful way.


Annie Nolan, an Australian reality star, recently learned this when her little boy went behind her back to get a speedy French fry delivery thanks to some help from her cellphone. The mom of three from Melbourne shared on the podcast, This Glorious Mess that when she and her mother-in-law were at home with the kids, she got a weird phone call from a man waiting at their front door.

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When she answered the door, Annie was even more confused about why a stranger was holding a McDonald’s bag with her name on it. While trying to figure out why someone would be delivering fast food from an app ordered to her home, Annie started getting angry that UberEATS must have made a mistake. Her cellphone was in her hand the whole time so she knew she never placed an order. "It had my name on it and everything and I was so confused ... I thought, 'How did I pocket dial UberEATS?'’ she said. "And then I looked over and my son was crouching down near the door ready to open it."

That's when it set in for Annie: 6-year-old Malachy wanted McDonald's so he figured out a way to order the meal behind her back without her ever realizing. "I am very confronted about the fact my son is so tech-savvy and I think it's so innate in their generation. I don’t understand how this has come to be and he has such a hippy mother!” she said. "He managed to know about the app, get into the app, read it, follow all of the steps, everything!"

Once Annie was hit with the understanding that Malachy officially outsmarted her, she realized exactly how he did it. The resourceful kiddo snuck into his parents' room, charged her old iPhone, put in her old passcode (that not even she remembered what it was), and was able to order his pick from McDonald’s thanks to her saved credit card information. "The funniest part is, I'm a vegan, and he ordered chips from McDonald's and he said to me, 'But mom, they're vegan!" she said. "Mate, you’re not getting away with it just because you’re trying to appeal to my veganism!"

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Although even Annie admits that the situation and her kid's resourcefulness is comical, she couldn’t help but realize later how dangerous a stranger knocking at her door -- at her 6-year-old’s request -- could be. "First of all, the 'stranger danger' part," she said. "I do not ever open the door to a stranger -- that just freaked me out."

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