Mom Wants to Know If It's Weird That Her Husband Takes Their Girl Into the Ladies' Room

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We've all been there. You're out at Target or at the grocery store and your son needs to use the restroom.  Maybe your little one isn't ready or old enough to handle the men's room by himself yet, so, being a busy mom who needs to get things done, you discreetly bring him into the ladies' bathroom and let him do his business. For the most part, this is an accepted practice by other women who understand. But what are the rules if you're a dad? Well one mom wondered if how her husband handles bathroom trips when he's alone in public with their daughter is a problem

  • The Mumsnet user says that she and her husband often disagree on whether it's right that he takes their daughter into the ladies' room.

    The anonymous mom shared on Mumsnet that she was curious if it was strange that her DH (that's Dear Husband) brought their 4-year-old daughter into the ladies' room when she needed to use a public restroom. She explained to her husband that "women don't like [men coming into their bathroom] and he should take her to the men's loo." And while that might seem like a reasonable solution, he disagrees and the problem continues to be a point of contention between her and her husband. 

    Looking for other mom's to weigh in, she asks, "Am I being unreasonable?"

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  • Surprisingly, many commentors agreed with AdaHopper's husband, saying that the ladies room was better than walking in on men using urinals.

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  • And to be honest, as one user mentioned, seeing men use urinals as a little girl could be pretty gross.

  • Men's bathrooms are "smelly and grubby," she points out.

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  • However, other users agreed with the mom and thought that her husband should take their daughter into the men's room.

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  • Some people think it's as simple as finding a disabled or family bathroom but they aren't always available and as well all know: when a kid's gotta go

    Which bathroom does your husband take your kids to?