8 Things You Will Actually Miss About the Toddler Years


When people talk about toddlers, it's not uncommon to hear about public tantrums, wild mood swings, and pantless adventures. It's all true; toddlers are notorious for their emotional instability and IDGAF attitude. They do things their way, in their time, or not at all. Most parents breathe a sigh of relief when these exhausting years are behind them. But while toddlers are pretty much the worst, they are also kind of the greatest. Here are a few things I will miss about raising toddlers.

  • 1. Their ability to nap literally anywhere.

    We've all been held hostage by a toddler who refuses to nap. There is nothing worse than cranky, exhausted kids who won't hang it up and close their eyes. But, you have to admit when you walk in the room and find them unexpectedly zonked out in a laundry basket, it's pretty freaking adorable.

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  • 2. Their silliness.

    Toddlers couldn't care less what anyone thinks about them, so they have no problems letting their freak flags fly, and being unabashedly silly. They will proudly wear their swimming goggles and snow boots to the grocery store, without a second thought. You've gotta admire that type of confidence.

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  • 3. The sweet, sweet snuggles.

    There is nothing sweeter than tiny arms that wrap all the way around your neck. Toddlers are the best snugglers. There will come a day when these toddlers will be teenagers, and hugging their mom will be way less cool. So, if you need me, I'l just be over here soaking up allthehugs.

  • 4. The way they can turn anything into a toy.

    A colander is a hat, a cat is a pillow, and this fly swatter is a sword. Toddlers are nothing if not creative. But be careful, because if they can make the game dangerous, they probably will. I will miss their adventurous ways.

  • 5. Their fierce independence.

    Because they're constantly learning, toddlers want to do it all, and they want to do it by themselves -- don't even think of trying to help them. Just plan to be late everywhere you go, or get up four hours early so they have time to dress themselves and buckle their own car seats. I mean, it's annoying, but it's also kind of endearing to watch them beam with pride when they finally complete a task independently.

  • 6. Their honesty ... in every situation.

    Okay, so they don't have the greatest poker faces. If they don't like something, toddlers will let you know. But there is something about that brutal (and hilarious) honesty that I will definitely miss once it's gone.

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  • 7. Their abundance of energy.

    You never have to worry about toddlers getting enough exercise; from the moment they wake up until the time they drift off to dreamland, they are on the go -- at full speed. There is no spin class out there that can match the cardio you get from 24/7 toddler chasing.

  • 8. Their persistence.

    Toddlers don't take "no" for an answer. If you tell them not to climb on the chair, they will climb on the table instead. Where there's a will, there's a way, and toddlers have enough will for all of us.

    So maybe parenting a toddler isn't the easiest job out there, but it's totally worth it. It's an exhausting couple of years to say the least, but you will never be bored, because toddlers are the world's greatest entertainers -- enjoy the show while you can.