This Toddler Imitating His Hunky Model Uncle Will Be Your Newest Instagram Obsession

 toddler imitating model uncle

Contrary to popular belief, most moms aren't that hard to please. In terms of the things we like, adorable little babies and ridiculously hot guys are all somewhere at the top of the list. Fortunately for us, one mother found a way to combine both of these things in the cutest way possible with the creation of one genius Instagram account. 

  • Katina Behm started the @babyandthebody Instagram account in 2016.

    The mother told Today that she got the idea once her brother Aristotle moved to New York to focus on his modeling career. After seeing the photos he posted on his own Instagram account, she decided to recreate some using her 18-month-old son Augie. 

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  • Originally, she only planned to show the adorable photos to her family...

    But once they saw them, they convinced her to share the funny recreations with the world. "They were just laughing and saying I should share them online," Katina told Today.

  • You'll crack up trying to decide who wore it better.

    Aristotle's professionally done photos are placed side by side with Augie's adorable imitations. 

    Katina doesn't stray away from the racier ones either. Everything from casual street wear to shirtless undies are up for recreation. 

  • According to Katina, Aristotle doesn't mind his nephew's replicas one bit.

    In fact, he's actually really into them. "He loves it!" Katina told Scary Mommy. "From the very beginning when I sent him the first side by side. I basically told him he doesn't have a choice because it's too funny not to share and he was totally on board. Knowing him, I sort of assumed he would be."

  • Currently, @babyandthebody has over 6,000 followers on Instagram who enjoy weekly updates.

    Everyone in Katina's family, including her 88-year-old grandmother, can't help but crack up over Augie's impersonations. "I send her the photo on Sunday nights and call her and she goes, 'Is it time?!'" she told Today. "So she'll run upstairs with me on the phone because she wants me to be on the phone when she first looks at it."

  • His uncle may be a total hunk, but even we have to admit that it's little Augie who steals the show. Whether he's doing push-ups in the park or brooding over one of his baby books, he's definitely our favorite model. 

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