10 Sneaky Ways Toddlers Prove They're So Much Smarter Than Us


kid sneaking cookies

Never underestimate toddlers. They're small, but their little brains are working overtime to outsmart us at every turn. And sometimes -- okay, maybe way more times than we'd like to admit -- they succeed.

Here's how these tiny tots prove we're just pawns in their game.

  • They're escape artists.

    "Oh, so you think you can trap me?"

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  • They look so innocent when they're so guilty.

    "'Who scribbled on the wall with a permanent marker?' No idea."

  • They've got delay tactics down pat.

    "I refuse to go to sleep until you read me another book. And another. And another. And..."

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  • They know the importance of teamwork.

    "Hey, I've got a plan..."

  • They've mastered the grab and dash.

    "Ooo, something I'm not supposed to have! Gotta go."

    No way anyone is going to catch that kid.

  • They exert their independence at exactly the right moments.

    "I'll do it myself!"

  • They don't take crap from anyone.

    "This is my personal space!"

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  • They know how to go undetected.

    "Nothing to see here..."

  • They've got mad social skills.

    "You get a wave. And you get a wave. And you! Get! A wave...!"

  • They know how to play to a room.

    "Here's the sweetest hug in the world! Because I wanted that awesome toy on the table next to you. Bye!"