Anyone Who Owns These 18 Things Doesn't Need to Buy Their Toddler Toys

toddler playing in kitchen

How many times do parents give their kids a gift and watch as they unwrap it, waiting with anticipation to see the look of pure delight when they see the toy, only to have them more excited about playing with the wrapping paper instead? This happens on holidays and birthdays, and even when the mail comes. Kids loves the crinkle sound of paper, sometimes more than their most prized toy. And it's not just paper that makes kids happy -- there are so many objects around the house that kids love to play with.


We talked to a bunch of parents to find out what non-toys their kids are truly wild about -- some parents even remembered some of the wildly wonderful things they enjoyed as a toddler. While stuffed animals and building blocks make little ones happy, sometimes it's the things in the pantry or the bathroom drawer that becomes their favorite toy.

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We're talking plastic water bottles, kitchen tools, even ... tampons? Yep, kids will play with the simplest household items, which really takes off the pressure to buy the latest licensed toys and annoying battery-powered gadgets.

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It's also easier on our wallets -- unless, of course, the kid wants to play with that too.

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