14 Ways to Celebrate Halloween With a Toddler That Aren't Trick-or-Treating

toddler in costume on halloween

I recently asked a mom friend if she wanted to go trick-or-treating with our toddlers, who are both under 2 years old. As we went over all the plans for Halloween night, we quickly realized, our kids don't even eat candy. In fact, they can't walk long distances or even say trick or treat. And their bedtime routine starts before the neighborhood kids are done ringing doorbells. So, this begs the question: honestly -- what's the point at this age?


Sure, it's exciting for first-time parents like us to celebrate big milestones and holidays. But Halloween can be a tricky one for the pre-candy age.

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Say one is excited about the fun costumes and treats, but not quite ready to take a tot trick-or-treating yet? Luckily, there are still fun activities to partake in. I asked my mom friends to give me some creative and fun ideas so that those moms with toddlers who are not of trick-or-treating age can still enjoy Halloween. Here are some of my absolute favorites!

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Whether a crafty mama or a baker, or whether one loves at-home parties or are more into day trips, there's a Halloween idea here for everyone that both mom and toddler will enjoy -- and that will save moms from having to explain to their 2-year-old why she can't eat that Jawbreaker in her plastic pumpkin. 

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