15 Reasons the 'Terrible Twos' Aren't All That Terrible

15 Reasons the 'Terrible Twos' Aren't All That Terrible
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I still remember the day my son turned 2. I gave him a cupcake and a cuddle and tried to ignore my sense of impending doom. I'd heard the "terrible twos" cliché so often that it felt like I was snuggling a ticking time bomb. But days went by and I found that my 2-year-old was actually super delightful. His language skills were developing rapidly, so we started to be able to have actual conversations. He was funny and loving and he finally fully outgrew his brief -- but painful -- biting phase.

It turns out that age 2 was actually really awesome for both my kids. I'm not sure why this age has gotten such a bad rap (especially since age 3 really seems to be the worst, according to my informal poll), but I know I'm not alone in finding this phase to be fantastic. I talked to 15 other moms and found that all of them have fond memories of this peak toddler year.

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Two-year-olds tend to still be sweet and cuddly. They start to sleep better at night. They can help their parents out. And there are some really cool milestones that can happen at this age.

Read on for all the reasons why we actually love this age, and then send this along to any other terrified parents of 1-year-olds about to have a birthday.

Let's spread the word that 2 really is terrific!

  • All the Snuggles

    dad and son snuggles

    "My 2-year-old is just such a snuggle bug. He is so loving, especially to his dad. It feels like a reward for making it through his colic infant days." -- Marie D., Grand Rapids, Michigan 

  • Easy to Calm Down

    little girl tantrum holding on to mom's leg

    "Two-year-olds have such big feelings but still have short attention spans. My daughter can go from full-on meltdown to sunny and happy in 30 seconds flat. They don't start holding grudges until later on." -- Hannah M., Austin, Texas

  • Real Personality

    angry little girl with her arms folded

    "I love 2-year-olds because you get such a better picture of their personality and what they like/dislike. Plus, to me, it seems like they have fewer illnesses than the first year, thank goodness." -- Cami S., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Finding Friends

    little kids playing outside

    "For both of my kids, 2 was the age when they started having friends. I love seeing the transition from parallel play to interactive play. It's fun to see them grow socially. And they are so huggy with their friends, which is freaking adorable." -- Sarah F., Tucson, Arizona

  • Potty Training

    potty training kid touching toes

    "In our house, 2 years old is the start of potty training. This is an awesome milestone." -- Ericka D., Stockton, California

  • Love & Communication

    mom laughing with little girl

    "Why do I love 2-year-olds? Well, typically they sleep through the night, can say 'I love you!' and sound like they mean it, and you can have a conversation with them." -- Sam C., Wheaton, Illinois

  • Little Helper

    little boy helping pick produce at grocery store

    "Two-year-olds are so eager to please, and so tickled with themselves when they know they've been 'good.' I love when my son claps and says 'yah!' after he helps clean up or picks up something for me." -- Michelle B., Hamilton, Ontario

  • Newfound Independence

    little kid eating yogurt
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    "Age 2 is nice just because they aren't helpless infants anymore. They can feed themselves (at least some stuff), they can start to pick up toys, and they like to do stuff to make them feel big. They shine." -- Arala V., Jacksonville, Florida 

  • Pure Joy

    little girl covering her mouth
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    "Two-year-olds rule. They wear their emotions on their sleeves and are so pure in their joy." -- Diane E., Pittsburgh, Pennsylania

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  • True Appreciation

    mom with baby and toddler

    "I love 2-year-olds -- they're just so much fun. They love playing and talking and reading. And they love you fiercely. You are the sun in their sky, still. " -- Kristen B., Houston, Texas

  • End of the Baby Phase

    toddler girls eating together

    "No bottles, no diapers, no more waking up five times at night! I wasn't sure I'd survive being a twin mom until they turned 2. Now I think I've got this." -- Vera G., Maplewood, Minnesota

  • Little Scientist

    little boy fixing toy car with tool

    "My 2-year-old is turning into this little scientist. He totally wants to know how everything works and he loves to try to take things apart and figure out how to put them back together. It is kind of messy but it is really fun too." -- Mariah J., Boise, Idaho

  • Awe of the World Around

    little boy holding leaf

    "Two-year-olds have NO CHILL and I love that about them. They are so excited by the world. They are open books and they expect you to be as excited as they are by the whole world. It's an amazing perspective." -- Jamie F., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

  • Cute Mispronunciations

    little girl with bubbles and teddy bear

    "I love that they are really coming into their own with language. I love their little voices and the way they learn words. My daughter called bubbles 'lubbies' and I was so sad when she started saying that one correctly. Those little words were so cute." -- Annie E., Tucson, Arizona

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  • Better Than Three

    little boy climbing jungle gym

    "The only bad thing about age 2 is that it is over so fast and then you have to deal with age 3. Let's be real: 3-year-olds are jerks. Way too big for their britches. So sassy." -- Irene W., Duluth, Minnesota 

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