9 Matching Outfits for Moms & Sons -- 'Cause You Don't Need a Daughter to Have a Mini Me

Maley Designs / Etsy

Let's be honest, taking cute pictures is at least 15 percent of the fun in having kids. When you're a proud #boymom, it can be hard not to get jelly when you scroll through your feed and see your friends with daughters looking all adorable in matching outfits. But who says you and your kiddo have to be the same gender in order to rock the same look? Shirts for moms and the little boys who love them are totally a thing, and we've rounded up the best ones. 

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  • Weekend wear

    Because whine and wine go hand in hand.

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  • Sweatshirts for all

    Comfy sweats make a dress and a shirt that you both can play in. 

  • For the royal family

    A little bling looks good on everyone.

  • Mama and her cub

    No one messes with your cub.

  • Manners in training

    Teaching boys manners is hard, but these little bow ties help.

  • Mix and match

    It's a mash-up that works.

  • For the Sci-Fi fam

    A classic movie line gets a cute makeover for mom with these fun light saber shirts.

  • Superstars

    This skirt/shirt combo would look adorbs for a family photo shoot or a mommy-and-me ice cream date!

  • Always on the Same Team

    These jerseys are customizable. Birthdays, the year you became a mom -- give them dates only the two of you know are special.