This Dad Draws the Most Relatable Cartoons About His Toddler Son

This Dad Draws the Most Relatable Cartoons About His Toddler Son
Image: Jonathan Jui

Jonathan Jui

For Jonathan Jui, a personal project has become an Internet sensation. This London-based illustrator started drawing pictures of his son, Milo, because he wanted to be able to capture precious moments, even when he didn't have a camera around. 

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Now, with almost 13K followers on Instagram, Jonathan posts the most hilarious parenting illustrations you'll see. From learning just how little personal time you get as a new parent to the *ahem* joys of potty training, Jiu's drawing will speak to every parent. 

CafeMom spoke to Jonathan to learn more about the dad behind the brilliant comics. Check out some more of his work here...

  • The Spark of an Idea


    "I started drawing cartoons of my son shortly after he was born because it was the best way I could capture the memories of my journey through parenthood," Jonathan tells CafeMom, "since I don't always have a camera on hand for those harrowing or humorous moments ... and pictures are worth a thousand words."

  • Drawing Lets Jonathan Capture the More Humorous Parts of Being a Parent


    On Instagram Jonathan writes, "You know that axiom about how 'You don't appreciate something until it's gone'? Definitely the case with the baby smell or rather, I never knew what the baby smell was until he started smelling like something else."

  • But Really His Comics Are LOL-Worthy for Anyone


    "My revelation of the day. But maybe it's not the ratios. Maybe anything to do with babies is just cuter," Jonathan writes in his caption.

    Babies definitely do make things cuter. 

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  • Making This Account Has Become a Team Effort


    "Usually my starkest memory at the end of the day makes for a good illustration. My wife is also great at judging parent humor; she also provides a lot of the ideas since she spends the most time with him," he tells us. 

  • Amazingly, Jonathan Is Not a Trained Illustrator


    He tells CafeMom, "I am not a professional artist (far from it!). I only just started drawing when I started these cartoons." Truly incredible!

  • This Valentine's Day Post Is Too Real


    "I'm probably in the running for 'worst partner of the year' award AND I commandeered some of Baobao's [meaning baby in Chinese] Duplos from him," Jonathan writes on Instagram.

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  • TFW You Try to Go to the Bathroom Alone So You Build a Wall of Toys


    In an effort to keep baby Milo distracted, Mrs. Jui came up with this ingenious plan, but unfortunately, as Jonathan writes, "She gets about 30 seconds these days."

    She tried, she really did.

  • What's on the Agenda for Today, Boss?


    On Instagram Jonathan writes, "I am convinced babies have this to-do list hardwired in them." 

    Listen Dad, I would love to go to the park, but I've got a full day of watching the laundry machine ahead of me. 

  • Do You Even Lift, Bro? (Babies, That is)


    Having your baby grow up is not just hard emotionally, it's hard on you physically -- like when they want you to pick them up.

    "Some 15lb later and he's still asking to be carried. And when I do, he makes it a point to tell me he's 'heavy' (because he can finish everything on that plate)," Jonathan writes in his Instagram caption.

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  • D'oh!


    Jonathan has drawn extensively about how weird potty training is. To kids, learning how to use the toilet is like learning a whole new language. 

    Though, he tells CafeMom that away from the bathroom, their favorite activity together is swimming. "I've been taking him since he was 3 months old and he loves it. He'd probably live in a pool if he could."

  • At Least He Knows His Limitations


    "True story. I drew this comic yesterday as a half-joke. Then this morning I undercooked the pasta. No wonder baobao never eats when I'm in charge of food."

    Cooking may not be his strong point, but drawing certainly is!

  • Is it Just Us Or...


    ... is potty training the worst thing to happen to your new carpet?

    "I have heard some potty-training 'horror' stories from friends usually about pulling open a curtain and finding a pile of poop just sitting there. It just makes me wonder..." he writes on Instagram.

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  • Never Miss a Bedtime -- For Your Own Sake


    Jonathan tells CafeMom, "[Milo] also really enjoys drawing, which is funny to me only because he has no idea I stay up at night to draw him."

    Like father, like son!

  • Learning From the Best


    Jonathan's popular illustration account is not the only project he has made for his son. "I also maintain a blog at where I write a weekly letter to him as well," he tells CafeMom.  "He's going to have a lot of material to get through one day."

    The letters are extremely personal, ranging from parenting struggles to intimate feelings about fighting with Jonathan's wife. Which one day will show Milo that life is complex and wonderful.

  • Looking Toward the Future


    We asked Jonathan if he thinks he's going to continue drawing Milo until he goes to college and he tells us, "Seventeen more years of drawing is a long time! But I do like to make habits of things, and I also want to leave him with something to peruse when he's old enough to appreciate it (my guess is when he has his own kids!)."

    You can follow Jonathan on Instagram.

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